Airport Amusements

Congratulations, you made it to the departures lounge on time. Despite the best efforts of the cabbie who gave you the run around, the woman at the quick check-in line three people ahead who kept getting an error message because she was typing her destination as ‘Miami’ and the man in the security line who didn’t understand the command “please empty all of your pockets sir’, you made it in time. In fact, you have over an hour to spare. What to do? While the airport may seem (and in many ways is) a boring suction of fun, the creative and tested traveler can make his own amusement to whittle down the time until boarding.

Discover these Airport Amusements.


Considering the fact you will be confined to a less-than-humane-crate-sized space for the next 4-12 hours, why not take the time to stretch your legs? Although the sights will remain almost inevitably the same (see: Hudson News, California Pizza Kitchen, Duty Free), it’s always worth it to wander around the terminal as much as they’ll allow—who knows—maybe you’ll find something unique to the airport, maybe Denver’s Hudson News has a flavor of Combos unlike any other.

People Watch

Another fun way of passing time is an old classic; take a look at the people around you in the lounge and guess why they’re going where they’re going. Is that old guy going to Palm Beach for a seminar with the world’s premiere aquarobics instructor? That nondescript academic going to Houston for a LARPing Convention? Only they know for sure, but you sure can guess.

Play Games

If you have a traveling companion, you can always pass the time by playing games. Classics include 20 Questions, I Spy, and a game of my sister’s creation where one person draws a cute character, their opponent draws some force meant to destroy it, the drawer neutralizes the attack somehow, and back and forth ad nauseam.


Haven’t gotten into Eastern breathing practices yet? What better time to start than waiting in the airport, even 10 minutes of carefully monitored breathing can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, on top of letting you escape from the all too real world for a while. Maybe you’ll reach Nirvana.

Stare at the Wall

If all else fails, you can always have a good stare at a wall opposite you, it’s one thing that’s sure not to be further delayed.