A Day in Barcelona

Barcelona is such a beautiful city, with so many things to do and see. This amazing city is the second largest city in Spain. You can ride around the metro to get from one attraction to another, and eat like a local by trying some tapas! Barcelona has favorable weather all year long, amazing beaches and mountains, and a nightlife that doesn’t stop buzzing. If you’ve never been there before, here are some of the main attractions you must see:

La Rambla: 

Stroll down the busy and famous boulevard of La Rambla for nonstop entertainment. The mile-long road is filled with tourists, musicians, artists, and fortune tellers. There are plenty of stores to shop in, restaurants and cafes to eat in, and even museums to visit! One of the most famous attractions on La Rambla is La Boqueria market, filled with fruits, candy, and so much more.

Antoni Gaudi’s works. 

Barcelona is home to Gaudi’s most famous architecture. La Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church that Gaudi began building about 130 years ago, and it is still unfinished. You can take the elevator to the top for a breathtaking view of Barcelona. Gaudi also created Park Guell, which is a place that emulates an English garden city. You can see the gatehouses, walk up a large staircase, passed a mosaic lizard to what once was a marketplace. Once again, you can see a breathtaking view of the city from this area.

Camp Nou: 

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love this attraction. This stadium has been home of Futbol Club Barcelona since 1957. With a capacity of 99,000 people, this sports arena is Europe’s largest. During your visit to Barcelona, you can take a tour of the grounds, and maybe you can even catch a game!

La Barceloneta: 

This beach in Barcelona is a must-see. The beautiful palm trees surrounding you will make you feel like you’re in paradise. The city has seven different beaches, but Barceloneta is the most popular and closest to the center of the city. It was even once voted the best beach city in the world by National Geographic! 

Flamenco Shows:

You have to go see at least one Flamenco Show during your stay in Barcelona. Enjoy some sangria and delicious food while watching the talented dancers of Barcelona dance a traditional Spanish dance!


You won’t be getting the full Barcelona experience if you don’t go out and try some tapas or paella. You can even sign up for a cooking class to learn how to make them yourself! Of course, you have to try the Sangria as well.

Night Life: 

If you’re looking for a fun time, Barcelona is definitely the right city to visit. There are plenty of clubs and bars throughout the city, especially along the beach. Put on a giant coat and gloves and enjoy a drink in the freezing cold ice bar, where everything is made out of ice. If the cold doesn’t suit you, get dressed up and hit the clubs, such as Opium, Apollo, Catwalk, or Shoko.

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