Why You Should Study Abroad

Debating whether or not you should study abroad? Most people who have gone abroad during college say that it was without a doubt the best decision they have ever made. However, if the thought of being on your own in a foreign country freaks you out, here are some awesome reasons you should put your fears aside:

Why you should study abroad

1. You should travel while you’re still young. After college, you may not have the time to travel abroad for a long period of time due to a job or family. College is the perfect time to explore while you’re still young and energetic.

2. You can meet new friends around the world, who you can still keep in touch with long after you leave. You can learn a lot from people who don’t come from the same background and country as you do.

3. Studying abroad can open up your mind. You will gain new perspective on things you normally wouldn’t have, and you’ll be more open to try new things.¬†Experiencing a different culture can change you for the better.

4. You will not only learn a new language, but you’ll learn all about the culture of the place you’re living in. You’ll try the local cuisine, meet local people, and experience living just like a local, instead of feeling like a tourist. Of course you’ll learn a lot in your classes, but you’ll learn even more from experiencing a foreign country.

5. Living on your own in a different country will help you become fully independent, and you’ll learn great new communication skills. Not to mention,¬†it looks great on a resume because employers value cultural experience.

Studying abroad in college is a life-changing experience, and you’ll most likely never get to do anything like it again in your life! But if these tips weren’t enough to convince you, check out this info graphic about students who have studied abroad.