Guest Post: More tips for group travel

With a few exceptions, the trips I’ve taken have all been with friends and by now there are some best practices I adhere to in order to make the trip go smoother. Here are my tips for group travel.

1)     Establish a “common fund” on the trip to be used for common expenditures, e.g. taxis, hostels/hotels. Doing so will save time, effort and the hassle of figuring out who owes how much at the end of the day (alternatively, you could always use our expense management tool at Travefy).

2)     Have each person be in charge of a city or destination on your trip. This helps to avoid “planning fatigue” and makes each person excited about your vacation!

3)     Print out directions to your accommodations. This may sound obvious, but you can’t always rely on cab drivers to know exactly where you’re staying. And if you’re taking public transport, do you really want to spend half an hour wandering around in a foreign land looking for your hostel?

And remember, even if circumstances don’t turn out the way you expected, try to make the best of it. Some of the most memorable events can come from unexpected situations!

Mingfang, Berkeley, CA