What does your airplane seat say about you?

Recently Jim Bryer’s Travel Blog posted a fascinating story on the Feng Shui of each type of airplane seat. According to the “Five Elements Theory” of Feng Shui, where you sit on a plane tells a lot about you.

Here’s what your airplane seat means:

  • Back of the Plane (Water Element): “I hate small talk so don’t even look at me”
  • Front of the Plane (Fire Element): “Control freak… They want to be near the airplane controls and think they should be in first class and want to be treated like royalty.”
  • Middle of the Plane (Earth element): “These folks like to be in the middle of everything. They like to take care of others…”
  • Lower Right of the Plane (Metal element): “Fun loving and creative people who likely will offer to split their snack with their seatmate.”
  • Upper Left of the plane (Wood element): “These folks love books and often work on their laptop for an entire flight”
Where does the Travefy team like to sit? David prefers the exit row: “It’s all about leg room.” Amanda doesn’t care much about legroom, but needs the aisle seat: “Easy restroom access is key.”
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