Plan Ahead!

Another guest post from a friend of Travefy:

Planning a trip can be hard (especially if it is with fifteen of your sorority sisters), but totally worth it. My friends and I kicked off our senior year by heading to Dewey Beach, DE, the place to be in the summer if you go to University of Delaware. We spent Labor Day weekend in two tiny hotel rooms filled with seven girls in each room (although we were only supposed to have five in a room – shh). Although it was a tight squeeze with no room to even walk, we had the best weekend ever. In fact, we even went back after graduation for Memorial Day weekend. Some tips to traveling with a big group of girls? Plan ahead! Have some sort of idea of what you want to do each day on your trip so that time is not wasted. With a big group of girls, it can be hard to decide what to do, so make sure you have a game plan for the day! Also, if not everyone wants to do the same thing, not a problem! Split up for the day and meet back for dinner or heading out at night. You don’t want to drag people along to something they don’t want to do and make everyone miserable. Most importantly, don’t stress. Things will absolutely not go as planned, but girls trips are meant to be crazy, fun and wild. Go with the flow and be in the moment with your girls. Trust me, you’ll end up with the most amazing memories and unforgettable stories with the sisters you’ll have for a lifetime.

Ashley, Linwood, NJ

Great advice. Itineraries are your friend so plan ahead!