Travefy Pro: Using Your Content and Event Library

If you’re a Travefy Pro user, did you know that you can save your own content and events to use on any itinerary you create? It’s a great way to save content that you’ve created and use it again and again without ever having to recreate it. Think of it as your own database of information, whether it’s a hotel that you are likely to send clients to, destination guides, tours, and more – it’s your one-stop shop to keep all of your content in one place and use on any itinerary or quote you build on Travefy.

In this article, we will show you how to use the Content and Event Library (including what the difference is between the two) and ideas of utilizing your libraries to the fullest!

What is the difference between the Content and Event Library?

The Content Library is reserved for places and locations (i.e. hotel, restaurant, museum, etc.). Please note that you can also save files (i.e. attachment, PDF) to your Content Library by following these simple steps.

The Event Library is all of the text around the Content, like the title, time, duration, pricing, images, etc.

The Content and Event Library work together so when if you first create a piece of content in your Content Library, you’re able to add it to a new event you create in your Event Library. Here’s an example:

  1. You build a hotel in your Content Library and add an image, the address, and phone number.
  2. Next, you move over to your Event Library and create a new event and add the additional hotel information. You might add the hotel amenities in the notes section, add additional images in the image upload area, and maybe add a check-in time.
  3. Once you finish creating the notes, you can type in the name of the hotel in the Content box and your hotel will appear and add itself to your event.


How to Use the Content and Event Library

Now that you understand the difference between the Content and Event Library, you will quickly find how powerful and time-saving this feature can be! When creating Content and/or Events, you can create it right in the Content and Event Library on your dashboard, at the top.

You can also save Content and Events directly from an itinerary that you’ve built into the Library by following these steps.


Tips for Utilizing the Libraries From Travefy Pro Users

What better advice to get than from actual users utilizing their Event and Content Library? Here’s how others are using it:

1. Tours, Activities, and Excursions 

“The greatest part of the library feature is saving lots of information on one event. I add photos, paragraphs of information with links, and even documents all into one event that I create once then use over and over again when presenting tours to clients.”

2. Bookables like Travel insurance

“An easy way for me to earn more commission is to highlight additional travel needs within my client’s quote. I will usually add travel insurance information and add it in the Trip Info and Documents section.”

3. Trip Information, Policies, Terms and Conditions

“I add my cancellation policy and terms and conditions to every itinerary I build. This information is extremely important and I like that I can add it to the document that they will be viewing the most in case anything happens.”

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