5 Things to Note When Planning for Your Trip to Serbia

Serbia as a country has occupied a particular share of interest and history on the world stage. In some cases it has been turbulent, but overall Serbia can be defined as a nation that is majestic with many sights within its border that will move the spirit of many who visit. As part of the […]

9 Out-of-the-Norm Places to Stay for the Night

On many trips, the journey to the destination is often the best part. The anticipation, soaring off into the sky or jumping in the car, with your feet on the dashboard and then finally stepping foot on to new ground, breathing in fresh air full of endless adventures. After a long day of travel, most […]

Travefy Talks Italy With Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Here at Travefy, we like to keep up with our fellow travelers. We recently got to talk to Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Make Up By Steph about her upcoming trip to Italy. Not only is she doing hair for a wedding in Capri, but she’s made an entire trip out of it. So we […]

House Rental Vs. Hotel Stay: What’s Best For You?

The usual question amongst traveling groups of four or more: house or hotel? While hotels seem to be the go-to option for most, house rentals have always been big among groups and are increasing in popularity along with websites such as AirBnB and Home Away. The question isn’t which option is best overall, but rather, […]

World’s Most Awesome Treehouse Hotels

Do you think living in a treehouse is a privilege exclusive to Ewoks and Tarzan? Treehouse lodgings have blossomed worldwide to become a lodging option for adventurous travelers. However, don’t think of them as your childhood tree fort — they are more than plain planks of wood nailed to a tree, and have all the luxurious […]

[Infographic] 5 Steps Toward Vacation Rental Ownership

Home Rental! Every travel blog you read these days tells you to ditch the traditional hotel in favor of a cozy vacation rental. Boats, lofts and cabins are just some of the options you will find. And they come fully equipped with top amenities and absolute privacy so you feel at home away from home. […]

Choosing a Hotel: How to Find the Best One for You

So you and your friends have decided to go on a trip. One of your main and first concerns would be the choice of lodging. We all rely on different factors when it comes to choosing a hotel, hostel, or vacation rental. Some rely only on hunch, experience, or word of mouth. Others pick according […]

Vacation Rentals Are Here!

You asked for vacation rentals, so we delivered! We’re thrilled to announce that Travefy now serves over 500,000 amazing vacation rentals across the globe. Search, book and add these vacations rentals to your trip itinerary just like you can with the millions of restaurants, activities, events, and hotels currently served. Even more exciting, you can […]

Saving Money on Hotels & Other Lodging

This article is an excerpt from Travefy’s ebook – “Planning a group trip on a budget”! This free ebook provides travel tips to save you time, money, and headaches. The below article is from Chapter 3: Saving Money on Hotels and other Lodging. You can download a full copy for FREE at http://hello.travefy.com/ebook/. Saving Money on […]