Group Travel Trends Report: Spring 2015 Edition

How much should end users spend on their next bachelorette party? What are the most popular travel destinations? From the everyday traveler’s perspective, travel facts and trends help leisure and business planners choose the destinations that will be most suited to their travel budget and needs. For the travel industry, a better understanding of current […]

Five Things To Consider When Studying Abroad

Not all college students are given a chance to study abroad. But it’s a good experience, both for your learning and personal life. It’s an honor to put that in your resume, plus, you’ll never forget the times you lived in a foreign city and got the chance to study there. For those who are […]

Colorful Colorado Has It All!

Colorado is a nice vacation destination packed with things to do year round. From the many tourist attractions, national parks to visit, outdoor adventures and cosmopolitan cities, a trip to Colorado can surely help a vacationer keep their itinerary full. People shouldn’t forget to include some of the major Colorado attractions, natural hot springs, world […]

Win a Free Hotel Getaway from Travefy!

Here at Travefy, we love two things: Travel & Free Stuff. To celebrate these things, we’re excited to announce our Free Hotel Getaway sweepstakes. How do I enter? To enter for your chance to win a free hotel getaway simply go to or click the below button. You can enter simply by sharing your email address or earn […]

Travel attractions in Marmaris, Turkey

Are you tired of the rigors and demands of city life? Are you looking for the right vacation to escape and relax? Then Marmaris is a destination you need to discover. Marmaris is a paradise on the Mediterranean coast. It is in the Mugla province in southwest Turkey and is a part of the amazing Turkish […]

India: The perfect vacation

We all like to have fun and good times whenever possible. With this in mind, the everyday stresses of modern city life has made vacations essential. This change in environment can provide you the necessary leisure to keep your body and mind healthy. Traveling can be fun and provide the perfect outlet to relax. Moreover, traveling […]

Best Mardi Gras Bars in New Orleans

Mardi Gras has become one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the United States, especially in New Orleans. There are tons of great bars to visit in New Orleans during this time, where people get very into the celebration. Bourbon street is where much of the partying goes on, but there is also tons […]

4 Fun Photography Apps

Almost everyone loves to take awesome pictures on their phones while traveling. Admit it, you love posting vacation photos to Instagram to make your friends jealous they’re still at home while you’re traveling. These 4 photography apps will make taking pictures on your next trip even better, and much more fun. Edit, crop, and caption […]

Exploring Perth, Australia

Dream to find something exclusive for your vacation? Don’t want to be disappointed? Get ready for an exciting visit to Perth, Australia! It has many hidden wonders, which are worth a visit. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, there are always things to do – from sightseeing to events, Perth has it all. Here are […]

Italy – The Crown Jewel of Europe

Everyone should visit Italy, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world. While Europe is jam-packed with numerous once-in-a-life-time kind of holiday destination, Italy is unquestionably the most trending destination of all. When it comes about revealing the hottest tourist attractions of the country, the biggest challenge is it’s rare to find […]

Best Places to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life. So if you still have a chance, you definitely should. Studying abroad really opens up your eyes to new things. You’ll experience the culture and cuisine of a foreign country. You’ll learn so much, not only from going to class […]

5 Sights to See in Sicily

Sicily is a rich tapestry of art and history. It is home to every great Mediterranean civilization. It is definitely one destination that you need to visit! With its deep blue skies and lush vegetation, your trip can be filled with walking through orange groves, swimming around the majestic ruins, or skiing down a snow-muffled […]