The Best Way to Kill Time at the Airport Without Spending Cash

  With an increasing number of airports getting busier each day, the voyage from your home to the terminal gate could feel like an endless puzzle, especially if you’re in a rush. That said, when you’re planning a long-overdue vacation, the last thing on your mind is the flight. However, it should actually be the […]

How Traveling Can Broaden Your Horizons

  If you’ve never traveled then the world out there can seem incredibly intimidating. You hear these stories about people getting kidnapped, crime waves hitting foreign regions and natural disasters to boot and think ‘not for me, thanks’. And really, that’s an understandable response. All the same, if that’s how you’re looking at this, then […]

5 Ways to Make Your Dubai Holiday Dreamier

Dubai has a deserved reputation as a first-class city. It is an oasis of royalty, world-class cuisine, designer shopping, luxury hotels and spas, golden sand and turquoise seas. This iconic city has everything you need for a truly relaxing, luxurious break. Whether you are tired of the colder climate at home, or you need a […]

5 Useful Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling solo can be a life-changing and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its share of fear and anxiety. That doesn’t have to stop you from exploring the world on your own though!  As a solo woman traveler, all you need to do is know how to stay safe on the road. And we’ve got […]

Travefy Announces Partnership With GOGO Vacations To Support Streamlined Itinerary Curation

Travefy, the leading itinerary management and client communication tool for travel agents, announced a new partnership and integration with GOGO Vacations, one of the leading travel wholesalers. Through this integration, travel agents can directly import all customer bookings from GOGO Vacations or its sister brand, Worldwide Traveler, onto any Travefy itinerary. A travel agent simply […]

7 Data Protection Tips for Travel Agents

  Travel agents help send their clients all over the world. Being able to provide top notch service is a must, and that service can’t be provided without a lot of data. For your continued success as a travel agent, your customers need to be certain that you’re able to keep that data safe as […]

The Rising Trend in Walking Tours: Reasons and Tips

If you want to see and learn about things, you can do it online. If you want to experience things, you have to live them. Walking tours put you on the spot and let you hear, see, feel and taste your destination. We will walk you through the tours and outline a few key reasons […]

Tips to Ensure a Relaxing Family Cruise Holiday

  A family cruise holiday can be a great vacation option! Be sure to follow these tips to ensure a relaxing family cruise holiday. Planning Make sure that everyone is included while planning your family cruise holiday. Let your kids have a say when looking at options for destinations. If they feel that they are […]

5 Proven Ways to Cure Post-Trip Fatigue

Image via: Travelling is one of the most crucial aspects of your life. Learning about different cultures, cuisines, history, and local customs motivates you to think, ideate, and put your life goals into perspective. In the end, it inspires you to live a better and happier life. Though it is not easy to set […]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Santiago, Chile

A trip to Santiago is bound to be unforgettable because this city is fantastic. But to make the most out of your experience, you need to take in all the best sights. So, plan your itinerary to include visits to the most amazing places this magnificent city has to offer. 1. Cerro San Cristobal Any […]

How I Made Travel Blogging a Lucrative Business

  I might sound crazy, but airports fascinate me; the sight of planes taking off the ground, the runway lights, and the sound of suitcases dragging against the floor make my heart beat faster. Travelling has always excited me since I was a kid. Fortunately, I was able to witness the beauty of some parts […]

10 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography Folio

Travel photography is one of the most exciting fields of photography. It’s because you can do both hobbies at the same time, so that’s hitting two birds with one stone. Travel photography is a genre of photography where you take shots and documentation of one’s place.   You actually don’t need to travel far to […]