How Big Data is Changing Your Flight Habits

Airlines generate a massive amount of data. They collect information on flight routes and every part of the flight from taxiing to takeoff and cruising to landing. They also gather data on fuel usage, seats filled and cargo carried. A wide range of variables also impacts flights from weather factors to the routes, schedules and […]

Making the Most of Your Summer Glamping Experience

  “Glamping” or “glamorous camping” is a trend that’s on the rise across the country. If you like being outdoorsy in the “I drink wine on my back patio” kind of way, then this trend is for you. Whether it’s a tree house, air stream trailer, yurt or tepee – glamping sites across the country […]

How Traveling Can Broaden Your Horizons

  If you’ve never traveled then the world out there can seem incredibly intimidating. You hear these stories about people getting kidnapped, crime waves hitting foreign regions and natural disasters to boot and think ‘not for me, thanks’. And really, that’s an understandable response. All the same, if that’s how you’re looking at this, then […]

The Rising Trend in Walking Tours: Reasons and Tips

If you want to see and learn about things, you can do it online. If you want to experience things, you have to live them. Walking tours put you on the spot and let you hear, see, feel and taste your destination. We will walk you through the tours and outline a few key reasons […]

Glamping and All Its Glory


When you hear the words camping you think of a few main things; s’mores, fire, tents, and outdoors. Implied in all of these things is “roughing it” as in no electricity, using the outdoors as your premium bathroom, and showers are optional. And while for many, that seems like a great weekend to connect with […]

Group Travel Trends Report: Spring 2015 Edition

Group travel trends 2015

photo credit: travelmarketreport How much should end users spend on their next bachelorette party? What are the most popular travel destinations? From the everyday traveler’s perspective, travel facts and trends help leisure and business planners choose the destinations that will be most suited to their travel budget and needs. For the travel industry, a better […]

True Origins of 7 Disruptive World Fashion Trends

the fashion trend that set feminism

Throw Back Thursday is an opportunity to flood social media feeds with photos of moments that defined us. If you look closer, they also reveal fashion trends through time. From the beret to the slim fit jeans, every fashion trend (or fad) has its origins and a decisive trend-setting factor. Often times both don’t coincide. […]

10 Travel Trends To Lookout For

travel trends

The travel sector is in constant change, for better and worst. Travelers are always looking for new experiences, and the industry is coming up with new ways to meet their expectations. Here at Travefy, we also have eyes on things, not just for business purposes but also by passion. Check out these game-changing travel trends […]

Best Brunch Spots in the US

Brunch is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. Every weekend, tons of people gather together to eat delicious food and drink mimosas and bloody Mary’s. When done right, brunch can be such a fun experience. So, start planning your weekend with this list of the best brunch spots in the US! Photo Credit: […]

5 Sights to See in Sicily

Sicily is a rich tapestry of art and history. It is home to every great Mediterranean civilization. It is definitely one destination that you need to visit! With its deep blue skies and lush vegetation, your trip can be filled with walking through orange groves, swimming around the majestic ruins, or skiing down a snow-muffled […]

The best places to Bungee Jump around the world

Bungee Jumping has picked up in popularity over the last 10 years since people are always trying to add a little bit more excitement to their lives. The first commercial bungee jump operation was in 1986 and it has taken off ever since. The thrill comes from free-falling and then the rebounding! There are many […]

Shark Attacks & Shark Facts!

With winter here, many people are taking vacations and heading to a warm beach near the coast. This means that more people will be in the water, so let’s talk about shark attacks. There are only about 16 shark attacks each year in the United States so they are rare (good news!), but there is […]