How Big Data is Changing Your Flight Habits

Airlines generate a massive amount of data. They collect information on flight routes and every part of the flight from taxiing to takeoff and cruising to landing. They also gather data on fuel usage, seats filled and cargo carried. A wide range of variables also impacts flights from weather factors to the routes, schedules and […]

7 Data Protection Tips for Travel Agents

  Travel agents help send their clients all over the world. Being able to provide top notch service is a must, and that service can’t be provided without a lot of data. For your continued success as a travel agent, your customers need to be certain that you’re able to keep that data safe as […]

How to Promote Your Facebook Page (and Free Download!)

Facebook is an amazing resource to businesses because of its already existing user base. It’s crazy how many people could potentially view your page and become aware of your company by tapping into it! Below we will share ways how you can promote your Facebook page, boost posts, and more! Once your Facebook page is […]

6 Essential Blogging Tools for Travelers

What’s more exciting than sharing your adventures with the world? The ability to dress an experience in words, to tell the perfect story! Travel blogging is a lot of fun and a perfect opportunity to journal your experiences and preserve the freshness of events, places and people that have impressed you. Travel blogging will enhance […]

11 Ultimate Travel Tech Gadgets for Travel Lovers

Technology has greatly enhanced our travel experiences and made traveling more fun than it used to be. Gone are the days when all you needed to travel was a paper notebook, a pen and a film. These days we try to carry as many gadgets as we can to stay connected as well as capture […]

How Travel Businesses Can Utilize Pinterest

Have you ever wanted a way to capture your clients through social media and engage them with fun content? Good news… You can! Pinterest is your tool to reach a larger audience and expand your client database, as well as keep up with current clients. Travel agents, tour operators, concierges, and travel professionals can all […]

6 Ways to Use Questions and Polls to Make Group Travel Easier

It’s obvious that we like to simplify group travel for you at Travefy, even our core value hangs above our heads in the office stating, “To bring people joy in the way they plan, experience, and remember their trips together”. Safe to say we will do almost anything in our power to make your travel […]

12 Essential Family Travel Apps To Download

Family travel apps

When asked what can’t I travel without, I often respond my precious mobile apps. Especially the family travel apps that take the pain out group travel. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, trip planning is easier than ever. You can book affordable hotels and resorts online, and you can compare travel packages in your budget range. […]

Top 5 Must-Have Road Trip Apps

Must-have road trip apps: Travefy itinerary

What is better than a road trip during the summertime? We have been writing a lot about road trips lately from the iconic routes to explore around the world to the best North American road itineraries. But nobody should hit the road unprepared. From building your travel itinerary to navigating the roads with ease to […]

Keeping Your Trip In Tune And Unplugged

relaxing rock overlook landscape

There’s nothing more terrifying than missing out on a trip. There are 1,005 things that can cause this to happen. Missed and cancelled flights, shady housesitters, you name it. But even when you get there, are you really there? Or are you constantly checking what’s going on in Twitterland or Facebookville? Or constantly trying to […]

Top Picks: Best In-Flight Travel Gadgets 2015

Top Picks: Best in-flight travel gadgets for seasoned travelers

Expert recommendations on travel, destinations, food, tech and more. Each week our experts put together one list of the best of the best of some of the top travel ideas and products out there. Depending on their duration, the time of departure and the passengers, some flights can be particularly painful.  Noisy cabins, uneatable food, and […]

Travel Gadgets to Add to Your Letter to Santa

Christmas gift wrap

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he never comes empty-handed… unless you’ve been naughty this year. If you haven’t, it’s time to start crafting that perfect letter to Santa. In your demands, be sure to include some of the hot travel gadgets adventurers and geeks alike want to have. To inspire you, here are […]