Exploring Escolta: A Virtual Tour of Old Manila

What to Expect in the New Escolta  If you’ve ever been to the Philippines, you’re probably in awe of its pristine white sand beaches, colorful festivities, and warm, friendly people. While many adventure-seekers flock to the more popular destinations like Boracay and Palawan, you might want to explore the country’s colorful and intriguing history that’s […]

Top Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of town. Work piles up, you’ve used up all your vacation time or your money seems to be missing (that $20 was here yesterday, I know it). Sitting in your cubicle, you can’t help but fantasize about exploring somewhere new, or feeling a rush of nostalgia as you step […]

Travefy Talks Italy With Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Here at Travefy, we like to keep up with our fellow travelers. We recently got to talk to Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Make Up By Steph about her upcoming trip to Italy. Not only is she doing hair for a wedding in Capri, but she’s made an entire trip out of it. So we […]

Travel, Love, and Change

There are a lot of travelers out there. Here at Travefy we try to track some of them down. So when we found Jade and Gabriel of We Travel and Blog we were hooked on their mission to change the world while simultaneously exploring the world.  We got the chance to talk to Jade and Gabriel […]

Better Travel Photography Composition as Easily as 1,2,3

Have you ever looked at photos posted online by friends and wondered how they manage to make them look so good? Exactly how they do it may not always be obvious, but the key to better photos is to improve your own photo skills. If you haven’t read our best travel photography tips, check those […]

Travel Photography Tips: Make Amazing Vacation Photos

Travel and photography go together like globetrotting and passport. It is through your pictures that you immortalize and share your experience with others. You want to capture the moment to always be as amazing as you lived it. You don’t need expensive gears or pro level skills for photos that stand out. If you want […]

These are the Dumb Laws You Break Everyday

Just for fun, let’s have a look at some of the craziest laws still in force in the US. You might come across them under the name “dumb laws”, and that is because they sounds too weird (and funny) to be true. You don’t believe me? Keep reading, you’ll see. I discovered these “dumb laws” […]

5 Simple Photography Tricks for Likeable Travel Pictures

A great photograph is an artwork. It should emotionally engages the viewer. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a like-collector on Instagram, we wrote this piece with you in mind. We gathered simple photography tricks that will inspire your next snaps and make them much more likeable and original. Symmetry Symmetry is a powerful […]

8 Basic Tips For Better Selfies

What’s the thing with selfies, anyway? Friends and followings keep flooding my Facebook and Instagram feed with their cheap auto-portraits. I find myself fighting the urge to block some of them. If you are going to send out tons of selfies, make sure to get them right or at least interesting enough for people to […]

Instagram: Travefy Starts With a Photo Contest

Great news everyone: Travefy is live on Instagram! Join us now and let’s build a great photo-sharing community. Millions of Instagram users are painting a visual masterpiece. That great collage tells daily life stories seen through the creative lenses of ordinary people. Travefy wants to add to that canvas but we want it to be […]

How to Take Quality Smartphone photos

Last week, we  debated on the best choice of camera type for travelers. Some readers thought I defended phone camera at the expense of DSLR. Maybe so. If you are stuck with a computer always in your pocket, might as well make the best use of it. Sure, they do not have “professional” cameras but […]

Camera Choice: DSLR or Smartphone?

Which DSLR camera should you get? Which are best for marine photos, portraits, or landscape? I heard tripods are great for night shots. A better question: who wants to carry a DSLR camera while hiking or beach going? Then again, if you invest thousands planning an exotic trip to the most scenic destinations, you will […]