29 Free Online Resources for Travel Professionals

Who doesn’t love a free resource that will help make your business run a little bit smoother? We compiled a list of some of our favorite tools that are completely free to use! From beautiful stock images to use on your website and client itineraries to marketing tools that will take your SEO to the […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New Trip Plans App

We’ve been so excited to share the new Trip Plans app with all Travefy Professional Plus and Premium users! We’ve heard amazing feedback on how it has helped connect clients with their itineraries quicker and seamlessly. Since it has launched, we added another game-changing layer to make it even better; the ability to communicate with your client. Here’s […]

Travefy Update: New Travefy Personal App

We just released “Travefy Personal”–the new fully native app for iOS and Android. We’re currently rebuilding the app from the ground up, so it’s a “read-only” app and it does not have the other tools on Travefy.com like Invites and editing the itinerary. What does this mean for you? You can just keep building your […]

How Travel Businesses Can Utilize Instagram

As a travel business, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to gain more clientele and show off what you’re already doing. Sharing travel inspiration with the world is a great marketing tool and Instagram can help you get more exposure. Much like all other social media channels, Instagram has a huge demographic of […]

6 Ways to Use Questions and Polls to Make Group Travel Easier

It’s obvious that we like to simplify group travel for you at Travefy, even our core value hangs above our heads in the office stating, “To bring people joy in the way they plan, experience, and remember their trips together”. Safe to say we will do almost anything in our power to make your travel […]

12 Essential Family Travel Apps To Download

When asked what can’t I travel without, I often respond my precious mobile apps. Especially the family travel apps that take the pain out group travel. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, trip planning is easier than ever. You can book affordable hotels and resorts online, and you can compare travel packages in your budget range. […]

Top 5 Must-Have Road Trip Apps

What is better than a road trip during the summertime? We have been writing a lot about road trips lately from the iconic routes to explore around the world to the best North American road itineraries. But nobody should hit the road unprepared. From building your travel itinerary to navigating the roads with ease to […]

5 New Apps That Make Travel Easier

Expert recommendations on travel, destinations, food, tech and more. Each week our experts put together one list of the best of the best of some of the top travel ideas and products out there. Modern travelers are people on the go, constantly connected, and dependent on their mobile phones. Therefore, they need apps that fit […]

Travel without the International Roaming Fees

International roaming fees add up fast once you turn on your smartphone and try to make a call abroad. But, there are ways to combat roaming fees while staying connected to loved ones when you are out of your carrier’s coverage. Here’s a round-up of Wi-Fi communication apps for iOS, Android, and the newer Windows […]

Camera Choice: DSLR or Smartphone?

Which DSLR camera should you get? Which are best for marine photos, portraits, or landscape? I heard tripods are great for night shots. A better question: who wants to carry a DSLR camera while hiking or beach going? Then again, if you invest thousands planning an exotic trip to the most scenic destinations, you will […]

10 Tools to Navigate Through Airports

Speaking from experience, the primary concern of most of us travelers without VIP access to airport lounges is to make connections and trips overall as painless as possible. For that matter, I found 10 free tools that will help you navigate through airport security, find food and WiFi spots, keeping your dream vacation from prematurely […]

5 Apps for Food Discovery

We rely on our smartphones to provide us with simple solutions for our everyday needs. Navigating through traffic, staying in touch with loved ones or finding the perfect dining place where to take that special someone. Regardless of your mobile operating system, chances are there is a multitude of options to choose from, and each […]