The World’s Busiest Cruise Ports

Once the sole preserve of a wealthy few, cruising has now become much more affordable for those earning a middle-class wage, enabling them to experience an exceptional holiday quite like no other. From chilling in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean to experiencing the vibrancy of Mediterranean cities and seeing the wonders of Alaska up […]

How Traveling Can Broaden Your Horizons

If you’ve never traveled then the world out there can seem incredibly intimidating. You hear these stories about people getting kidnapped, crime waves hitting foreign regions and natural disasters to boot and think ‘not for me, thanks’. And really, that’s an understandable response. All the same, if that’s how you’re looking at this, then boy […]

Travefy Update: Introducing Power Tools for Power Users

Do you consider yourself a Travefy “Power User”? We made some new feature enhancements with you in mind! Now you can quickly work through your Travefy account and build trips with the easy keyboard shortcuts below. D – Create a new day. E – Create a new event. Tab – Pressing the tab will move […]

A Travefy User’s Journey to Ireland and Beyond

Hearing the travel stories from Travefy users is half the fun working here. When Travefy user, Phyllis, went on a month-long adventure exploring Scotland, Ireland, and New York City–we had to hear more! Phyllis and her friends visited Scotland, Ireland, passed through parts of England to see Stonehenge, and Wales to catch the ferry in […]