7 Essential Travel Tips for Thanksgiving

While the fall season brings a change in leaves, decadent food, and colder weather for most, it also presents challenges for people and families traveling during this time of year. Thanksgiving, in particular, is one of craziest holidays for travel. With airfare rates soaring sky high and traffic patterns adding hours of extra travel time, […]

5 Expert Tips to Survive Holiday Travel

How to avoid the pitfalls of holiday travel? Thanksgiving and Christmas are the biggest holidays in the US and arguably the time when everyone has a reason (if not obligation) to travel. During those periods, traveling can become a real pain, real quick: traffic jams, expensive airplane tickets, etc. With the right mindset, a little […]

5 Creative Ways to Approach Your Turkey Leftovers

Last week, we looked at some ways to approach your Thanskgiving feast with some creativity. Though¬†some families need to stick to that traditional meal, even the most stringent of Thanksgiving traditionalists start to get worn out on their re-heated turkey leftovers by the third time around. Though some retailers may already have moved on to […]

7 Most Popular Thanksgiving Festivities Across the US

Thanksgiving is a good time to discover the family-side of America — an if you’re an international visitor, it’s all the better. You will experience this holiday in unique ways that differ from any other celebration in the world — Thanksgiving celebrations have certainly evolved since the Pilgrims’ days. Here are 7 outstanding Thanksgiving festivities […]

Your World Guide to Thanksgiving Celebrations

The world loves Thanksgiving just as much as Americans do. Every culture on Earth has reasons, along with their own ways,¬† to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the good in their lives. Let’s not pay attention to festivities copied- and-pasted off the American version. Instead, here are 5 original thanksgiving celebrations […]

Thanksgiving Dishes with a Twist

Though most holidays have a particular food item associated with them, Thanksgiving dinner is the rare meal that doesn’t vary much from household to household. No matter where you’re spending your Thanksgiving, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll see turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. However, just because a Thanksgiving […]

5 Unconventional Thanksgiving Destinations

This Thanksgiving, ditch the traditional American football at the in-laws and turn your long weekend into a worthy vacation. From epic turkey trots to twisted historic reenactments, here are just some unconventional Thanksgiving celebration ideas that will take you away from home. Perris, CA Tired of of the old Turkey and Football combo? Then head […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Travefy family to yours! Safe travels and have a wonderful holiday.

Thanksgiving Day Festivities Guide

Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, many people will be planning trips to see friends and relatives both close to home and across the country. There are so many traditions that families have during the holiday season. On Thanksgiving, there are numerous events all over the world where millions of people are either attending or watching […]