5 Africa Luxury Travel Destinations 2015

If you want an authentic local experience in Africa, head to West Africa where grand hotels, palatial resorts and popular neighborhoods co-exist side by side. But if you are looking for an exclusive experience, almost romantic, of game reserves and stylish amenities, target the south and east Africa. Below are 5 Africa luxury travel destinations […]

Why You Should Opt for a Tanzania Honeymoon

Planning a Tanzania honeymoon can be time-consuming and confusing. You want the trip to be more than just a beach holiday without it becoming too much of an adventure. Tanzania is home to the wildest safari parks in Africa and it has an exotic coast that bathes in the Indian Ocean. This makes it the […]

Top 5 Safari Attractions In Tanzania

Africa is one of the top rated safari destinations in the world. Covering world’s biggest game reserves and national parks, the country beholds true nature wonders and speckled wildlife treasures. Kenya and Tanzania are two classic safari destinations that attract world’s largest tourism mass. Explore the top safari attractions in Tanzania for your next adventure. 1. Serengeti […]

Popular Wildlife, Jungle, and Safari Destinations

From polar bears in the Arctic to the majestic tigers of India, wildlife vacations let you encounter some of the rarest and most enchanting animals on earth. One can see many of these animals through the excitement of an African, Asian, or South American jungle safari and camping. You can drive through animal parks and observe […]

A month by month guide for the best African Safaris

Africa, the second-largest and second-most populous continent of the world, has a rare and unique combination of the most attractive iconic locations. Many of the African countries have various attractive safari destinations including natural beauty and wildlife parks. So, planning to visit Africa is a great idea as you will be experiencing the exceptional beauty […]