The “Do Nots” You Need to Know When Travelling with Dogs

Are you traveling, and are you in the company of your dog? If so, you should ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe throughout the journey. Leaving your dog at home as you hit the road will make them happy. However, when comfort and safety are provided, you and your dog could be happier […]

7 Data Protection Tips for Travel Agents

Travel agents help send their clients all over the world. Being able to provide top notch service is a must, and that service can’t be provided without a lot of data. For your continued success as a travel agent, your customers need to be certain that you’re able to keep that data safe as security […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycles are just plain awesome. However, as awesome as they are, cars happen to be safer. There are some, though, who find that sense of danger quite appealing. Getting on your bike does not require that you flirt with disaster because there are a lot of things you can do in order to make all […]

5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

If you’re here, it’s because you and I share something (deep in our hearts); we are travel nerds. We have wanderlust. We’re totally addicted to the nomadic lifestyle (or at least backpacking on the weekends), and there’s nothing we can do about it. And maybe, if you’re like me, you also have a little furry […]

10 Common Travel Myths Debunked

Do you get inundated with travel ‘advice’ when you mention your holiday’s plans for the year? Your friends, family and colleagues probably have some great advice from experience, but let’s be honest – they don’t always get it right! We’ve taken some of the most common travel myths and debunked them for you, so you […]

Best Destinations for Traveling Alone

Believe it or not, traveling alone can be a ton of fun. Going on a trip solo can help you discover the freedom of exploring a new place all on your own terms. Check out these awesome destinations perfect for traveling by yourself! 1. Bali, Indonesia:  The food is delicious and inexpensive, just like the […]

Encounters with Mountain Lions: Safety Tips

If you are hiking or backpacking in the wilderness, then you might come into contact with a mountain lion. While I admit the chances of you actually having an encounter with one are pretty slim, they can be dangerous if provoked. They generally try to avoid contact with humans, but if you are in their […]

Exploring underground worlds

Some of the best sites to visit are actually below ground. Check out these awesome underground worlds… Mammoth Cave National Park This is a U.S. National Park that is located in central Kentucky. The cave is about 400 miles long, which makes it the longest cave system. Mammoth cave is more than double the second […]

The best places to Bungee Jump around the world

Bungee Jumping has picked up in popularity over the last 10 years since people are always trying to add a little bit more excitement to their lives. The first commercial bungee jump operation was in 1986 and it has taken off ever since. The thrill comes from free-falling and then the rebounding! There are many […]

Shark Attacks & Shark Facts!

With winter here, many people are taking vacations and heading to a warm beach near the coast. This means that more people will be in the water, so let’s talk about shark attacks. There are only about 16 shark attacks each year in the United States so they are rare (good news!), but there is […]

Winter Airport Parking Car Health & Safety Tips

Cabin fever can be a pretty serious condition. Sometimes the only cure for cabin fever is a nice long trip to somewhere sunny and warm, far away from the snow. But when you take an extended vacation, it’s easy to forget important details. If you plan to leave your car in long term airport parking, […]

Bizarre Delicacies: Interesting food from around the world

One person’s delight is another one’s disgust. Millions of people travel the world every year. Usually when you go somewhere you enjoy doing things that the locals do. You try to submerge yourself into their culture and try new things. One of the greatest joys of traveling is sampling the local delicacies. But what if […]