Stress-Free Adventure: Packing Essentials for Exploring USA’s National Parks

America’s national parks are wonderful destinations to take a vacation. From the breathtaking landscapes of Yosemite in California to the Glacier National Park in Montana, these stunning spots are very different, and all have certain features for people to experience. Anyone who will visit the country’s national parks will undoubtedly have an excellent adventure that […]

Planet-Friendly Travel Hacks For Your Next Business Trip

As we all know, travel of any kind isn’t the best for the environment, especially international flights. While your individual actions can’t stop the huge amount of CO2 being outputted by the thousands of daily flights across the world, there are some small-scale hacks you can incorporate into your flying routine that’ll at least negate […]

Inside the Frequent Flyer’s Suitcase: Packing for Every Eventuality

Comfort and convenience should be at the very heart of any business trip, with tighter schedules and higher stakes than virtually any holiday for pleasure can ever have. It goes without saying that acute organisational skills and a passion for forward-planning will serve you well on any work-focused journey abroad. But without a streamlined and […]

How to Master the Art of Minimalist Packing For Travel

Packing is the worst. Just when you think you’ve nailed the process, renegade shoes and forgotten electronics find ways to make a brain teaser out of your suitcase. You give up and pack another bag, but when you arrive at the airport, it costs not one but both your arms and legs in baggage fees. […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycles are just plain awesome. However, as awesome as they are, cars happen to be safer. There are some, though, who find that sense of danger quite appealing. Getting on your bike does not require that you flirt with disaster because there are a lot of things you can do in order to make all […]

5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

If you’re here, it’s because you and I share something (deep in our hearts); we are travel nerds. We have wanderlust. We’re totally addicted to the nomadic lifestyle (or at least backpacking on the weekends), and there’s nothing we can do about it. And maybe, if you’re like me, you also have a little furry […]

How To Travel Light But Still Look Sharp

When you are heading for a foreign destination for the first time, it can be hard to pare down your belongings and travel light. After all if you are not certain about the weather or your plans for sightseeing, it can be hard to anticipate what kind of clothing you will need. Consequently, most novice […]

Hair Essentials You Should Never Forget

Packing can be hard. Especially for us women. While we would like to take our entire bathroom with us, a second suitcase just for that purpose isn’t usually accepted. Even though it totally should be. Just like any other time we want to look our best. Depending on where you go, some of your needs […]

7 Things You Don’t Need In Your Travel Carry-on

When traveling to escape your daily life, avoid taking your bad habits along. First in order: your tendency to keep a little too much around. When preparing for a trip, many of us love to bring along things that we never end up using. Don’t get me wrong, it comes from good intentions: getting ready […]

[Infographic] Step-By-Step Tips for Packing Light

“He who would travel happily must travel light” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery. These are—nowadays more than ever—words of wisdom. Airfares seem to become more competitive, year after year, making air travel more accessible to all. Yet, those are the trees that hide the forest of extra fees that you are paying: especially baggage fees. Recent […]

Tips for Packing Light

A lot of the time, travelers find it hard to figure out what they need to bring and what they should leave home. It’s often difficult to keep your suitcase under the weight limit because we pack too many clothes or shoes, and then at the end of our trip we realize we didn’t wear […]

Don’t forget your towel! An easy packing checklist

Packing for a trip can be challenging, especially when you are really hoping to travel light. Compound that with the desire to look fabulous while traveling with your friends, and you can find yourself in a serious conundrum. This is a problem that we at Travefy have dealt with on multiple occasions. (It’s also a […]