Things to do in Chikmagalur, the Coffee Capital of India

Chikmagalur is a calm, serene hill town full of scenic surprises, with the surrounding hills and forests – bewitching by any standard. It is amply blessed with serene hillsides and vantage points for one to gaze upon nature to the heart’s content. This treasure trove of nature’s bounty lies at the foot of the Sahyadri […]

10 Must Visit Destinations in India for Women Who Wish To Travel Solo

India is a treasure for travel and it’s not just now, but has been so, since centuries. Currently solo women travelers in India come seeking the delights. From pampering, adventure, relaxing, sightseeing and a number of experiences, whatever be your choice, India has it all and a little bit more. Ode to women, here is […]

Explore the Scenic Waterfalls of India

Nothing can beat the thrill of coming across a roaring waterfall in the midst of a dense forest. The sight of the water gushing with a ferocity and landing with a tremendous boom is simply captivating. India is blessed with many waterfalls, with each one being as fascinating as the other. While high-altitude waterfalls are […]

What to Do in Rajasthan in 10 Days

One of the most charming holiday destinations in India that lure hundreds of travelers every year is Rajasthan. The roads of Rajasthan are paved with royal heritage and history beyond imagination. The folks are simple, the cuisine delicious, the royals warm and welcoming and the air adventurous. Rajasthan is the land of the kings is […]

10 Most Popular Places to See Tigers in India

India boasts of housing lush thick jungles where a decent number of big cats reside, alluring wildlife enthusiasts and avid photographers from all across. Some of the best places to see tigers in India in their natural habitat are sprinkled all across its landscapes in the form of national parks. According to latest census, there […]

12 Offbeat Places to Visit in Kerala, India

Kerala has been aptly named as “God’s Own Country.” This magnificent land is eminent for its backwaters, which are a reservoir of pure bliss, for its tea and spice, the aromas and taste of which play with the taste buds, its numerous beaches, and, the Arabian Sea coast – which stretches to almost 600km. The […]

5 Beautiful Villages for Rural India Vacation

If you want to explore the true face of India, just exploring the metropolitans and strolling through the heritage monuments is not enough, the true India lies in its villages. Peek into the colorful and the straight forward life of rural India this vacation at the following places: The Betel Cultivation of Mawlynnong, East Khasi […]

Top Indian Destinations for Photography

India, the land of diversity, is a paradise for every photography buff. From the picturesque snow-capped mountains in Ladakh to the still poses of the Bengal Tiger in Corbett, festive ambiance of Gujarat and mystical sculptures of Ajanta caves, the country holds within a lot to quench any photographer’s whims. Photography amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals […]

World’s Most Beautiful Libraries in India

Libraries are the most incredible invention of men. It is a single most beautiful tribute to knowledge and experience. There are a lot of libraries in India that stand as a part of most beautiful ones in the world. If you are visiting India, you ought to visit at least a few of these libraries. […]

How to Plan an Ayurveda Tour India

There are many places to take an Ayurveda tour in India like Kerala, Himalayan region and Rishikesh. Are you not sure how to start the tour? This is a guide for you to create a personalize Ayurveda tour in India. Using this guide you can choose the right time of visit, plan your tour activities […]

The Amazing Facts About Modern State Gujarat

Mostly known for tradition and culture, the Indian state Gujarat is most popular for the fascinating wonders that allure every traveler. People irrespective of taste and age can have a very good time seeing the picturesque locations and the amazing historic sites around the state. To See The alluring destination Gujarat welcomes travelers to see […]

5 India Myths to Get out of Your Head

Having certain off the track perceptions is a common factor found in first time travelers to any country; India seems to be one of the commonest victim of that. Traveling to India is one activity that is there in most of the travelers’ ‘To-Do’ list. Also, it has been observed that apart from general tourism, […]