Hotel Trends to Watch in 2016

By the end of this year, hotel revenues across the globe are predicted to reach $550 billion dollars. In 2009, the industry was worth $395 billion dollar which is an extremely rapid rise in profits of more than $150 billion dollars in seven years. What is driving this growth? The New Traveler 2016 and 2017 […]

Latin American Luxury: Top Tips for Stylish South American Holidays

When you think of South America, you might imagine gorgeous landscapes and rich culture, but there’s also lots of luxury to enjoy. Here are some top tips for savouring it during your exciting holiday. Steal Breath–Taking View From Above You might feel a tad overwhelmed by the sprawling continent and how to explore all of […]

9 Out-of-the-Norm Places to Stay for the Night

On many trips, the journey to the destination is often the best part. The anticipation, soaring off into the sky or jumping in the car, with your feet on the dashboard and then finally stepping foot on to new ground, breathing in fresh air full of endless adventures. After a long day of travel, most […]

High Roller Las Vegas Suites We Wish We Could Afford

The guilty pleasure of looking at pictures of over the top things we could never afford in ten life times has long since taken over our lives. One of the most popular of these is probably living places. Because who doesn’t like longing for the 25 bathroom mansion or the ten thousand dollar a night […]

Top Pick: Best 5 Orlando Kid-Friendly Resorts

Expert recommendations on travel, destinations, food, tech and more. Each week our experts put together one list of the best of the best of some of the top travel ideas and products out there. The little ones have been particularly nice this year and you want to treat them to something they will love and […]

Top Pick: Your 5 Best Yellowstone Lodging Bets

Like we mentioned before in this post, it will take you more than a day to truly explore all the natural wonders featured in the Yellowstone National Park. From the spectacular geysers to the humbling waterfalls, the park is the ultimate getaway for any nature lover. When on a Yellowstone road trip, it is a great […]

The Best Ways to Stay in Orlando

One of the biggest decisions in Orlando trip planning is where to stay.  Should you stay inside a resort?  Go to a nearby hotel?  Find cheaper accommodations or even a condo?  Perhaps you prefer to stay in a vacation home. The choice is not always an obvious one given that each lodging option has its […]

House Rental Vs. Hotel Stay: What’s Best For You?

The usual question amongst traveling groups of four or more: house or hotel? While hotels seem to be the go-to option for most, house rentals have always been big among groups and are increasing in popularity along with websites such as AirBnB and Home Away. The question isn’t which option is best overall, but rather, […]

World’s Most Awesome Treehouse Hotels

Do you think living in a treehouse is a privilege exclusive to Ewoks and Tarzan? Treehouse lodgings have blossomed worldwide to become a lodging option for adventurous travelers. However, don’t think of them as your childhood tree fort — they are more than plain planks of wood nailed to a tree, and have all the luxurious […]

7 Wacky Themed Hotels around the World

What is your darkest fantasy or your favorite bedtime story? What if you could live with Trolls or wake up in a new Bugatti? Most travelers don’t give much thoughts into lodging options other than price and amenities. But with a little imagination, you will find cozy b&bs and lodgings that bring dreams to life. […]

3 Hotel Secrets That Will Save You Money

Who holds the keys to your stay in a hotel? The staff, of course. They know the ins and outs, and if you befriend them, they will let you in on little hotel secrets that will make your life so much easier. The Daily Beast shared a collection of such insider’s tips a while ago. […]

Choosing a Hotel: How to Find the Best One for You

So you and your friends have decided to go on a trip. One of your main and first concerns would be the choice of lodging. We all rely on different factors when it comes to choosing a hotel, hostel, or vacation rental. Some rely only on hunch, experience, or word of mouth. Others pick according […]