Five Tips On How To Use Email Marketing In Tourism

With thousands if not millions of marketing emails sent out every day relating to travel and tourism, how do you make sure yours stands out and doesn’t get relegated to the spam folder? We take a look at five email tips to get your email noticed and more importantly, acted upon. If you’ve been struggling […]

Trending Marketing Ideas for International Travel Agency

There are people who live and breathe travelling. This makes for the huge number of travel agencies that try to sell travel packages. As a travel agency owner yourself, you are probably well aware of how grand the competition is, which is why you need the best strategy you can think of to actually reach […]

4 Methods of Creating Quality Content for Email Marketing

“269 billion is the figure.” It is the number of emails received by 3.7 billion email users per day as stated by Radicati Group in 2017. Moreover, according to the reports of Internetlivestats 2018, the number of legitimate emails is 3 billion, and the number is supposed to get double in the next decade. The […]