Traveling to Cuba? What You Need to Know (With Itinerary)

Here at ViaHero we receive many questions about how to travel to Cuba.  We also hear many misunderstandings.  For example, to clear the air, the embargo has actually not been lifted, which requires an act of Congress.  The restrictions on travel to Cuba have been eased, however.  Want to know more?  Have no fear, we’ll […]

Why You Should Visit the Philippines

London, Paris, New York, Tokyo. These destinations are probably ranked high in your travel bucket list. While there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of going to these places, you should also consider other destinations that may not be not so high profile as the ones listed above, but still deserve a spot in your go-and-see-the-world plans. […]

A Travefy Trip Diary to Italy

Here at Travefy, we thrive off our user’s trip stories and this story is nonetheless amazing. Meet Joanna, who traveled to Greece and Italy on a three-week exploration through the world’s wonders. This is the second part of her trip diary, highlighting her trip to Italy. Read all about the beginning of the trip to Greece here!   […]

Nepal: Where Legends Hold Truth and Heaven Meets Earth

Nepal is a nation like no other. It stands between the huge peaks of the Himalayas and the dense jungles of India. It is home to eight of the fourteen highest peaks in the Himalayas and represents some of the best hiking trails in the world. From here it is even possible to access the […]

Summer Celebrations in Rome

The cultural experts at OMNIA Vatican and Rome are getting involved in the local festivities and celebrations happening in Rome this summer. From historic religious festas, to live music events, here are some of the most talked-about things to do this summer in Rome. If you’re looking for ways to experience Rome with the locals, you […]

Travel Chat With Dany Kelly

Travel, Theology, and Education – Travel Chat With Dany Kelly At Travefy, we like to throw the spotlight on travel pros and bloggers that we’re falling in love with. Meet Dany Kelly, a travel blogger who wants to enhance community relations through her passion for education, traveling and spirituality. We sat down to chat with Dany about […]

The 50 Most Inspiring Travel Quotes Of All Time

Why tell people how educated you are when you can blow their minds with your travel wisdom? Here are 50 travel quotes to share with your entourage! “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move” – Robert Louis Stevenson “Paris […]

Travel, Love, and Change

There are a lot of travelers out there. Here at Travefy we try to track some of them down. So when we found Jade and Gabriel of We Travel and Blog we were hooked on their mission to change the world while simultaneously exploring the world.  We got the chance to talk to Jade and Gabriel […]

Best Brunch Spots in the US

Brunch is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. Every weekend, tons of people gather together to eat delicious food and drink mimosas and bloody Mary’s. When done right, brunch can be such a fun experience. So, start planning your weekend with this list of the best brunch spots in the US! Bagatelle, NYC: With […]

5 Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking of plans to celebrate! Green beer, rowdy people crowding the streets, and fun parades usually come to mind when people think of St. Patrick’s Day. But some cities do even more for this fun holiday. Check out these five cities where you can party your […]

5 Spring Vacation Ideas

Why should you wait until summer to go on vacation? Why not take some time off this spring and go on vacation? This season, there are plenty of great things you can do and see around the world! Read on for my favorite spring vacation ideas. 1. PARIS Why go to Paris in the spring? […]

Best Sushi Restaurants in the U.S.

Today, sushi is about more than just a plain old California roll. The American palate is more sophisticated than ever, and as a result, sushi is becoming more and more popular. Looking for the best sushi? No problem. If you’re a sushi lover, check out these amazing sushi restaurants across the United States! 1. Soto, […]