5 Expert Tips to Survive Holiday Travel

How to avoid the pitfalls of holiday travel? Thanksgiving and Christmas are the biggest holidays in the US and arguably the time when everyone has a reason (if not obligation) to travel. During those periods, traveling can become a real pain, real quick: traffic jams, expensive airplane tickets, etc. With the right mindset, a little […]

Christmas Foods From Around The World To Try

I do not know about you but our world tour of Christmas drinks opened my appetite. Knowing that Lithuania has a precise Christmas Eve dinner menu makes you wonder how it is elsewhere. So we went on the search of traditional Christmas foods from around the world. What we found are some mouthwatering items that […]

7 Traditional Christmas Drinks Around The World

What is your favorite Christmas drink? It is hard to do without your classic mulled cider, eggnog and hot chocolate. But people have other special beverages to celebrate the holidays around the world. So if you are visiting some exotic places this winter or just want to treat yourself, here are the seven drinks that […]

The Definitive Guide to Christmas in NYC

No matter how many times you’ve visited New York City, if you’ve never had the opportunity to experience NYC during the holiday season, you should start planning your next trip — yesterday. There’s no other city quite like New York, and New York knows how to bring it’s own distinct flavor to the holiday season. […]

Five Top Christmas Celebrations

Though traditionally one’s top option for a holiday getaway is to a family member’s home, maybe you’re looking to go somewhere other than over the river and through the woods this holiday season. Whether you want to celebrate Christmas in an unconventional way, or just to experience a new culture’s holiday traditions, we have the […]

Travel Gadgets to Add to Your Letter to Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he never comes empty-handed… unless you’ve been naughty this year. If you haven’t, it’s time to start crafting that perfect letter to Santa. In your demands, be sure to include some of the hot travel gadgets adventurers and geeks alike want to have. To inspire you, here are […]

5 Things to Love about Christmas in the Caribbean

If you’ve been meaning to get away to some tropical destination for the holidays, then a trip to the Caribbean is a good choice. Instead of white snow, you get white sand on your feet; instead of snowflakes on the windowsill, you get ice in your local cocktail. Still interested? Here are five other things […]

6 Things to Know When Spending Christmas in Las Vegas

Christmas in Las Vegas is unlike any other. If it’s your first time spending the holidays there, then you’ve got loads to look forward to! But before you go on a whirlwind of festive shows, gigantic decorations and tons of holiday treats, here are six things to know about Las Vegas at this time of […]