How to Plan a Budget Trip in 10 Steps

Traveling has become almost as indispensable in the modern world as breathing.  There is hardly a person who isn’t daydreaming about the sunny coasts of Costa Rica or snowy fiords. For some people traveling is only about relaxing. Others want to broaden their mind or learn a new language.  Whatever the reason – there is […]

Traveler’s Worst Nightmares and How to Prevent Them

Dreams can be interpreted in different ways, and so does nightmares. What could be a traveler’s worst nightmare? Well, it is not the lack of Internet connection per se so that you can upload photos on Facebook or Instagram. Instead, it is getting really sick while on a vacation on the other side of the […]

Holiday Shopping around the World

Tis the season for holiday shopping! For many, holiday shopping can be stressful. Dashing through crowds and crowds of people searching for the perfect gifts for your friends and family is definitely exhausting, so check out these amazing places around the world where you can shop for your loved ones! 1. Bond Street – London, […]

5 Expert Tips to Survive Holiday Travel

How to avoid the pitfalls of holiday travel? Thanksgiving and Christmas are the biggest holidays in the US and arguably the time when everyone has a reason (if not obligation) to travel. During those periods, traveling can become a real pain, real quick: traffic jams, expensive airplane tickets, etc. With the right mindset, a little […]

5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Next Adventure

If you’re anything like me, traveling plays a huge role in keeping your sanity throughout your day-to-day life – followed closely by pizza and cat pictures. Okay, maybe the two are just me. Growing up throughout southern Idaho, I have found myself traveling quite often in search of new adventures. Nowadays, being a touring musician […]

How to Travel with a Group of Friends (and Stay Sane)

Traveling with a group of friends is both rewarding and challenging. You hope that by the end of the trip the rewards outweigh the challenges and we’re here to make sure that’s what happens to you! There are lots of things to consider when booking and traveling with a group – what types of things […]

Keeping Your Trip In Tune And Unplugged

relaxing rock overlook landscape

There’s nothing more terrifying than missing out on a trip. There are 1,005 things that can cause this to happen. Missed and cancelled flights, shady housesitters, you name it. But even when you get there, are you really there? Or are you constantly checking what’s going on in Twitterland or Facebookville? Or constantly trying to […]

[eGuide] Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Travel Safety Tips You Should Know

Don’t leave your baggage unattended. Beware of scams. There is safety in groups. How many travel tips do you get that are actually useful? Can you think of any that actually prepare you to face the unknown? There are important things you need and must know to ensure your safety when you travel — be […]

Plan a Successful Business Trip in 10 Steps

How to plan a successful business trip

photo credit: business2community 1. Know the Details! Ensure you know all of the trip details (dates, times, and locations): Travel – overall – when do you need to leave and return? Conference (if necessary) Meetings Knowing this information up front and having it at hand will make booking your business trip easier, quicker, and with […]

10 Experts Tips For First-Time Backpackers

Expert tips for first-time baackpackers

That first backpacking adventure. It’s a life you never fully understood, but more importantly, one you never dreamed you would be a part of. But you are decided. This summer is going to be spontaneous, full of new experiences and, of course, new countries. But no matter how exciting this right of passage is, you […]

Guided Tours: Are They Even Worth The Time And Money?

Guide tours Vs. independent travel: what is better for groups?

Go with a guided tour or explore a new place on your own? That’s a common dilemma for solo and group travelers alike. It often depends on how adventurous you are, and how much you value freedom and discovery. Among the main differences between the two options, some are specific to those traveling in large […]

Your Travel Resolution 2015: How To See It Through

Why do we even bother? Like they say “Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.” Instead of making resolutions that you will throw out the window on the first occasion you get, this year, make a travel resolution. They say travel is fatal to prejudice and bigotry, […]