Holiday Shopping around the World

Tis the season for holiday shopping! For many, holiday shopping can be stressful. Dashing through crowds and crowds of people searching for the perfect gifts for your friends and family is definitely exhausting, so check out these amazing places around the world where you can shop for your loved ones! 1. Bond Street – London, […]

10 Experts Tips For First-Time Backpackers

That first backpacking adventure. It’s a life you never fully understood, but more importantly, one you never dreamed you would be a part of. But you are decided. This summer is going to be spontaneous, full of new experiences and, of course, new countries. But no matter how exciting this right of passage is, you […]

The Perfect Travel Survival Kit in 10 Essentials

All right, I will cut the chase. We will not discuss backpack, suitcase, toothbrush, or other banalities. Anyone on an outing should think about carry those. If not, they should face the consequences on their own. Instead, we will talk about those little things, often neglected, quickly regretted. These little gadgets constitute my essentials of […]

6 Trips for Wine Lovers

Spring is finally here, which means sunny weather and outdoor activities! Take a vacation to one of the world’s great wine regions, where you can see stunning vineyards as you taste some of the best vintage wine available. These 6 trips for wine lovers will inspire you to book your next trip in the world […]

Famous Hotels for Backpackers in Australia

Backpacking is quickly trending as a form of recreation and tourism in Australia. As a backpacker, you get to experience firsthand the various sites that Australia has to offer. Once in a while, you will need to check in to a hotel, either to use it as your base for exploring the surrounding area, or […]

5 Spring Vacation Ideas

Why should you wait until summer to go on vacation? Why not take some time off this spring and go on vacation? This season, there are plenty of great things you can do and see around the world! Read on for my favorite spring vacation ideas. 1. PARIS Why go to Paris in the spring? […]

5 Sights to See in Sicily

Sicily is a rich tapestry of art and history. It is home to every great Mediterranean civilization. It is definitely one destination that you need to visit! With its deep blue skies and lush vegetation, your trip can be filled with walking through orange groves, swimming around the majestic ruins, or skiing down a snow-muffled […]

10 Helpful Travel Tips

Traveling can be a ton of fun, but it can also be stressful at times. Be sure to take a look at these 10 travel tips before your next trip! 1.┬áMake photocopies of your passport. And leave one copy with friends and another tucked into your bag. You can also scan your passport and email […]

Encounters with Mountain Lions: Safety Tips

If you are hiking or backpacking in the wilderness, then you might come into contact with a mountain lion. While I admit the chances of you actually having an encounter with one are pretty slim, they can be dangerous if provoked. They generally try to avoid contact with humans, but if you are in their […]

Exploring underground worlds

Some of the best sites to visit are actually below ground. Check out these awesome underground worlds… Mammoth Cave National Park This is a U.S. National Park that is located in central Kentucky. The cave is about 400 miles long, which makes it the longest cave system. Mammoth cave is more than double the second […]

Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2014

From the Caribbean and Mexico to Europe’s beautiful countries, there are so many options for your honeymoon this year! Do you want to spend your special vacation on a warm, sun-kissed beach? Or would you rather have some adventure and sight seeing on your honeymoon? Either way, here are the best honeymoon destinations for 2014. […]

5 Sights to See in Amsterdam

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, you should read this blog post for reasons to include Amsterdam in your adventures. Most people think of Amsterdam as a city to party in, but it is so much more than that. You might be surprised by a lot of the things you can do in this […]