Travel itinerary: Three Days In Seattle

Seattle is eclectic, definitely hip, and has just the right combination of awesome things to do fun-packed in an area you could easily discover in one weekend. Here we put together a three-day itinerary of must-dos in the Emerald City. Of course, feel free to add more attractions and activities such as side trips to […]

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For 90s Kids

Ready or not, here it comes, you can’t hide. This ultimate road trip mixtape comes straight from the 90s and features almost five hours and 71 hit songs that your inner Millennial will truly madly love. Just picture yourself rollin’ on Ocean Avenue, under the bridge past waterfalls and the most scenic roadside landscapes, faster […]

Succulent Pina Colada Recipes

It’s Piña Colada Day! By all means, you have to make it special, no? Like the margarita, the mojito, or the bloody Mary, this refreshing tropical drink sits in the hall of fame of must-have cocktails that have won the world over. But you already knew that. But what you may not know is that […]

Top 5 High-Design Bars In The U.S.

Because a good interior design does wonders for an eatery, as much as the food and the drink served, it was important to reward establishments that put extra attention into their looks. The world’s only Restaurant & Bar Design Award recognizes the best food and drink places in the world. They recently announced the shortlist […]

How To Have A Summer Vacation Without Leaving Home

It is officially Summer! But don’t even blink. Otherwise, it will be fall before you know it. Now how sad would that be if you missed on all the summer fun without making awesome memories to remember it by. What you need to do this year is to make every summer day a memorable holiday. […]

Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Travel Dads

Forget the golf balls this year. What about giving the man of the house a Father’s Day gift he will never forget? From the wackiest gadgets to the must-have accessories and even cool trips every man dreams to take,  we’ve hand-picked nine presents that all the active and traveling Dads of the world want. 1. Portable Workstation […]

The Ultimate North Carolina Craft Beer Tour

Beating the summer heat comes down to two things: refreshing beer and the sea. It turns out North Carolina, more than other states, has the best of both. So my buddies and I decided to plan the greatest North Carolina craft beer tour. Travefy Itinerary Builder made the process pretty easy. Taste your way from […]

Top Asheville Craft Beer Tours

If you are into the craft beer movement, brew your own stuff at home, or are always willing to toss a good craft beer tour into your travel plans, then you will love these Asheville craft beer tours. Asheville has, for a long time, been considered Beer City USA and its local breweries are holders of […]

The 50 Most Inspiring Travel Quotes Of All Time

Why tell people how educated you are when you can blow their minds with your travel wisdom? Here are 50 travel quotes to share with your entourage! “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move” – Robert Louis Stevenson “Paris […]

World Traveler Gene Discovered!

Why is it that some people are so content spending their whole lives in one city, state, or country? For someone who has been moving across borders even before he could walk, I always wonder how one fights the urge to see what lies beyond the fences around their backyard. Maybe that is because some […]

5 Seattle Museums Everyone Should Visit

Who doesn’t love spending an afternoon or half a day walking through museum exhibits and visually feasting on unvaluable pieces of art? Washington DC, NYC, and Chicago are all world-famous for their museum scenes. But when I want to visit museums, I go to Seattle. Why? Simply because the Emerald City has the best interactive […]

Love And London – Travel Chat With Jess Dante

An Interview with Jess Dante – Love And London Blog At Travefy, we like to throw the spotlight on travel pros and bloggers that we’re falling in love with. Meet Jess Dante, a seasoned globetrotter and now an expat New Yorker living with love in London. We sat down with Jess for this amazing travel chat to discuss […]