Top Indian Destinations for Photography

India, the land of diversity, is a paradise for every photography buff. From the picturesque snow-capped mountains in Ladakh to the still poses of the Bengal Tiger in Corbett, festive ambiance of Gujarat and mystical sculptures of Ajanta caves, the country holds within a lot to quench any photographer’s whims. Photography amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals […]

Travel Agents Are Shifting Trends in the Travel Industry

The global travel agency market has grown by an average of 12.2% each year for the past six years, according to a recent report by Travelution. In Australia, travel agencies’ AGR has risen to 2.6% and the industry directly employs almost 30,000 agents. In recent years, the travel agency market has taken a big hit. […]

Thailand – What to Explore Other Than Temples and Beaches

For most of the people and for good reason, Thailand is all about beaches and temples. Where the southern part is all about its coastal beauty, pretty much whole of the Thailand boasts numerous temples in every village, town, and city. However, there much more to see and do while vacationing in Thailand apart from […]