Road Trips Are the Best Way to See a Country

Getting lost in the country, on the road is the best way to find yourself. You can hop in a car at any time — you can move fast enough to be continually entertained, and yet it moves slow enough for you to breathe the air between where you were and where you are going. […]

Staying Connected When Abroad

Traveling abroad is fun. It is a rich, rewarding practice that gives you insight into a fuller spectrum of the human experience around the globe, and gives you a deeper understanding of the globe you dance around the solar system on. But unless you’ve got a small mountain of plug extensions, access to Wi-Fi, and […]

Relax, the Country You’re Visiting Is Fine

It can be intimidating to travel overseas, but there are a lot of great things that other countries have that you can’t experience from home! From superior health care to flight compensation laws, no GMOs, free wifi everywhere (shout out to Estonia), to some basic ‘rights of nature’ that make the water cleaner (and the air […]