NYC Ultimate Tourist Trip

Now if you’ve never been to New York City and you find yourself wanting to plan a trip there take our advice when we say, you’re definitely going to want to hit all the major tourist spots. Even though it feels like you’ve basically already been there because you see pictures and stories of them […]

Midtown NYC’s Best Happy Hours

Midtown New York City, are you having a rough work day? Need a drink but low on money? There’s one answer to this problem: Happy Hour. The hours of happiness to escape the fact that you have a huge presentation coming up, your boss is on your back 24-7 lately, or you’ve dealt with the […]

Free Things to do in NYC

As I excitedly start to plan my trip for NYC in October I look down at my wallet and remind myself that most of my trip budget is going to be spent on the ticket alone. Then I continue planning and make a list of all the cool things I’ll be able to do with […]

Clever Bachelorette Party Shirt Ideas Everyone Needs

No bachelorette party is complete without punny shirts. Whether it’s just the bride or the entire party, a party with no clever shirts is no party at all. Plus, how will everyone know you’re a bridal party and buy you free rounds without them? Exactly. If you’re having trouble coming up with clever ones, never […]

NYC Drinks that Clear Out Your Wallet

New York City, the Big Apple, the city of celebrities and high rollers. We love it. What we love even more is finding some of the most ridiculously expensive things we can and making you wish you could buy them as much as we do. Aren’t we just the worst? So naturally when we thought […]

Bachelorette Party Hashtags

Not only are we smack dab in the middle of wedding season, but we are also in the heart of the hashtag era. And whether you’re hashtagging with a purpose or just because everyone else does it but you don’t really get the point you’re still a part of it. Hashtags can be good for […]

Firework Shows that Pack a Big Punch

With the Fourth of July six days away our American pride is on a full blown high. Having the National Anthem and Katy Perry’s “Firework” replaying in your head and planning your big celebration means all systems go. While I’m sure the fireworks you buy to set off every year are spectacular don’t forget to […]

Glamping and All Its Glory

When you hear the words camping you think of a few main things; s’mores, fire, tents, and outdoors. Implied in all of these things is “roughing it” as in no electricity, using the outdoors as your premium bathroom, and showers are optional. And while for many, that seems like a great weekend to connect with […]

High Roller Las Vegas Suites We Wish We Could Afford

The guilty pleasure of looking at pictures of over the top things we could never afford in ten life times has long since taken over our lives. One of the most popular of these is probably living places. Because who doesn’t like longing for the 25 bathroom mansion or the ten thousand dollar a night […]

Hair Essentials You Should Never Forget

Packing can be hard. Especially for us women. While we would like to take our entire bathroom with us, a second suitcase just for that purpose isn’t usually accepted. Even though it totally should be. Just like any other time we want to look our best. Depending on where you go, some of your needs […]

Travefy Talks Italy With Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Here at Travefy, we like to keep up with our fellow travelers. We recently got to talk to Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Make Up By Steph about her upcoming trip to Italy. Not only is she doing hair for a wedding in Capri, but she’s made an entire trip out of it. So we […]

Best Places for Live Music in New Orleans

Expert recommendations on travel, destinations, food, tech and more. Each week our experts put together one list of the best of the best of some of the top travel ideas and products out there. Live music will always be one of the best things to hear at a bar, especially if it’s good live music. […]