A Philippine Food Guide for the Curious Traveler

Planning for a trip to the Philippines? You may have watched many vlogs on the local food, culture and travel destinations to prepare you. But have you covered everything you need to know? For instance, you should be relieved to know that not every Filipino is a balut eater. In fact, many have lived and […]

An Explorer’s Guide in Spending Less While Traveling

Travelling to places is a good way to relax and experience other cultures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheaply and may cost you much of your savings. Unless you’re as rich as Bill Gates or a celebrity with millions of dollars in your savings account, one of the biggest issues you may encounter when going on […]

15 Beautiful Asian Islands To Visit This Summer

 Asian islands will capture your heart with their sandy-white beaches, crystal-clear waters, and thrilling marine wildlife. These postcard-perfect beach paradises are serene escapes you should consider for your summer vacation. Below are 15 of the most beautiful Asia islands you could be relaxing on right now. They are as cheap to visit as they are breathtaking. […]