Five Tips On How To Use Email Marketing In Tourism

With thousands if not millions of marketing emails sent out every day relating to travel and tourism, how do you make sure yours stands out and doesn’t get relegated to the spam folder?

We take a look at five email tips to get your email noticed and more importantly, acted upon.

If you’ve been struggling with getting your email marketing campaign off the ground then by using just a few simple tactics, you’ll begin to see a big difference in your email effectiveness.

1. Get The Timing Just Right

Depending on whether your destination is a year round or seasonal visit, think about when potential visitors will start planning their holidays. Rather than bombarding your reader with emails in the lead up to holiday season, gradually build up in frequency and plan to hit your reader hard at the peak of the booking season. Think about when people most dream about holidays, is it Monday morning at work on a dreary October morning? Then get that email out. A little research into your customer base will pay dividends in getting your marketing email seen, read and acted upon.

There are obvious reasons not to send at weekends, so avoid sending emails just for the sake of it. One well-timed email beats ten poorly timed ones, any day of the week.

2. Get Your Subject Lines Right

The first thing your reader sees is a subject line so striking the right tone is crucial. Symbols, long, wordy lines and anything that looks remotely like spam will head straight to the trash.

Instead use language that attracts the reader and invites them to know more. If you are going to use symbols, use them sparingly to attract attention, without detracting from the words.

Make it funny, make it provocative but make it stand out and your email will be in with a good chance of making it the next stage of actually being opened.

3. Content

Once your email has been opened, it’s time to make the content work for you.  Don’t forget to link back to the subject matter, be that a special offer or a promise of a story that you want to tell.

Don’t leave your reader having to do too much work but do give them something to explore.

Entice them in with invites to read more that take them to your website.

Avoid endless scrolling and links that don’t really take your reader to anywhere new. If you have an exclusive offer for your email customers, maintain that level of exclusivity throughout their experience with you.

4. Follow Up On Unfinished Reservations

Taking some time to look through your abandoned reservations should turn up some email addresses, the equivalent of leaving an abandoned shopping cart in an online store.

Follow up this unfinished business with an informative email, letting your client know that the door is open to finish the reservation. If you think it might entice your reader to finish off the job, then feel free to also offer a discount or reward as a method to entice them.

5. Don’t Forget The Call To Action

With your amazing graphics and fabulous content, don’t forget to issue your call or calls to action. A clear direction to click on a link, take part in a survey or sign up for a newsletter will bring your both tangible and intangible benefits in terms of your tourism marketing campaign.

Clear and personal engagement with a potential customer will bring them back to your site again and again. You will begin to establish a relationship where you are meeting their needs and in turn becoming the voice of authority and trust in your particular area of tourism.

Even just spending some time carrying out some research into your customer base will yield you results that you can use to make your call to action something the customer genuinely wants to do. Figuring out their likes/dislikes, favoured social media and so on will give you the inside edge and a direct line to their inbox.

Using all of these tips above, make your email marketing work even harder for you. With a little careful planning, some considered research and a well thought out plan, you should see your marketing plan pay dividends and bring customers flocking to your website, time and time again.


Ellen Lawton works as a Marketing Writer and Editor at Academic Brits and Origin Writings. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise and writes for blogs and online magazines.  She is committed to helping companies create effective marketing strategies.

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