5 Amazing Outdoor Activities In Mauritius

Mauritius is a volcanic island that has many breathtaking places you can visit. Due to its geographical advantage, it offers many different kinds of outdoor activities. Therefore, people from all around the world with different interests come to Mauritius to have a good time. Here listed below are a few amazing outdoor activities that you should do whenever you get a chance to visit Mauritius.


Mauritius is famous for its kayaking tours. Whether it be Ile D’Ambre, the bay of Mahebourg, le de la Passe or Rodrigues Island each is more beautiful than the other. If you’re a beginner, you should go kayaking at Ile D’Ambre which is much easier because the water is calm. You can take your children with you and bond as you kayak through the forest and visit various islets around Mauritius. Rodrigues Island is a breathtaking place where you can take your kayak and explore the island through a new lens. However, the tour that takes you there lasts for 6 days, and the route is 230kms, and you have to kayak through rough waters at times so be sure you’re up for the challenge before you go.


Mauritius is home to many wildlife sanctuaries, natural parks that are home to more than 700 indigenous plants. If you want to go hiking, Mauritius numerous beautiful places you can go to. If you want to see the native birds and explore the forest, then you should go to the Black River Gorges national park. Le Pouce and Black River Peek Mountain are also well known for their tracks. You can go trekking and even take your mountain bikes too.


Kite-surfing at the famous kite lagoon is something you should not miss during your visit. It has shallow water which makes it easy for beginners; the professionals can go ahead to the deep waters in order to get their adrenaline fix. If you want to ride the waves while you surf all you have to do is go 600m further. During winters kite surfing enthusiasts fly to Mauritius from all over the world to enjoy kitesurfing during the optimum weather conditions.

Quad Biking:

If you’re not a water enthusiast, there’s no need to feel left out Mauritius has something for everyone. You can go on a quad biking tour and explore various plantations and forests. You should go to the sugar cane plantations, Frederica Nature Reserve, and the famous bird sanctuary. Visiting these places on a quad bike is extremely fun, the guides often take you through previously planned out paths with picaresque scenery.

Submarine Ride:

If you want a unique experience than a submarine ride in the Indian Ocean is something that you should definitely do. Mauritius is the only island in the Indian Ocean that offers this experience so you should try your best not to miss it. You stay underneath the water for an hour in which you can see the alluring sea life of the Indian Ocean. You are sure to come across eels, turtles and tropical fish which are native to the Indian Ocean. The tour guide provides information regarding the fish that you come across during your tour.

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