12 Marketing Ideas for Your Startup Travel Agency

With the exuberant exhibitionism of wanderlust by the current urban youth , it only makes sense that travel and adventure have become the things of need more than want. Lavish vacations on exotic locations or pious pursuit of religious beliefs – the travel industry is ready to cater to every need. If you have one such organisation that you run or are planning on running , then appealing to the masses is not going to be an easy task. However with a little focus on the pressure points , it will give you desirable returns.

Understanding What’s Trending 

The sheer size of the target audience is enough to intimidate the pants off of any professional trying to appease all of them. This not only means more minds to consider but also more variety in the locations you can market. A good example of occurred last year when two of my friends went to Aruba. The beaches , the sands , and the sun are what attracted them. It does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that in a particular season , a particular vacation spot may be surpassing the appeal of others. People living in tropic countries prefer going to cold places. People in cold ones want to visit middle eastern / sunny places. It’s simple psychology. Understanding what geographical zones your audiences are from and then using it to advertise the locations most appealing to them will assure the expansion of your business.

Association of Sentiment 

This is the trick that no one will voluntarily tell you. Why? Because this is what marketing executives attend years of school for. This is the mantra that will never fail you no matter what you are trying to sell. Humans are emotional beings , which is inefficient, evolutionary and speciation wise. But this is actually a gold mine for retail industry and the secondary tier of production. If you can associate an emotion with your product , preferably a positive one, such as sympathy , love , empathy , joy , motherhood and a subsequently large pool of various combinations of these, then you have mastered the art of selling. If you say that the audience should get in touch with their true self and escape to the hilly plains of Himachal Pradesh or they should strengthen their familial binds by a family vacation to Egypt , then it’s bound to cause positive feedback on their fore-brain. Thus compelling them to respond positively to this notion.

Knowing What To Focus On 

If I’m trying to sell a three night two day package to Dubai, I am more likely to advertise the scenic beauty of the location and the structural marvels rather than the sandstorms you may face there. There’s a line from Oscar Wilde that I have always loved as a kid and even now.  The line reads, “The truth is never pure and rarely ever simple”. Lying isn’t an option when you’re advertising but focusing on the parts that are more pleasant and noteworthy than others is possible and therefore must be put to use.

Social Media 

It’s a no-brainer that to stay on top of the game you will need to come up with a strong , multi pronged social media strategy. This not only means posting stuff regularly but planning it, maintaining it, and scheduling it as well. The chances are that if you time the content correctly , it will reach a larger audience. The more the exposure, the higher the impact. Social Media Marketing is a post of high interest and technique in today’s world.  The fact that social media can bolster your company to an exponentially higher platform means that you need a team to handle this task efficiently.


There is a reason that when we learn marketing , post–purchase service is priority just as much as the purchase and purchase making decision. It builds up your brand and brand image. The chances are that with good post purchase service you will be bringing your organisation much more business than the singular purchase. This simple action creates goodwill among your customer base and raises awareness to potential customers about your brand. Keep track of the reviews and use them to prove your service all the while making sure only the best reviews are published. This is very healthy for the company.

Building a Brand 

This exercise commonly known as bulking your brand is about creating a unique approach to things and a certain style of doing work that no one else has. Your brand is your identity which will further affect the customers when they’re associating with you.

Keeping Alive the Hype 

To us millennials, anything that’s not hype worthy and ‘cool’ is not worthy of our attention. Thus keeping the word spreading about your organisation and staying in the tabloids with constant engaging news about your work platform is both challenging and rewarding.

Spicing Things Up 

Every once in a while doing competitions, lucky draws or engaging activities will make the customers look forward to hearing from you. They will be on the lookout for more when you can advertise.  Post content to use their attention for your growth while rewarding them once in a while with contests and giveaways.  It works for both parties.


The fact that travel in itself is a great activity is leverage enough.  You can use this to your benefit. Live stream content from a location you are selling packages to and the customers involved can be involved or tagged. This will make them feel included and prove the authenticity of the experience to the potential customers.


Much like keeping the reviews under the radar , it is very important to take feedback from the customers who have availed your services. They will not only tell you how to I prove your services but also point out the parts they enjoyed the most. You can take note of these elements to use them in advertising. Every organisation has a specialty after all.

Try to Keep it Light 

“A girl wants Romeo , not Hamlet.” – Blair Waldorf.

Making things serious and somber will not do you or anyone any good. Try to keep it simple , fun and easy on the eyes. A trip to Paris? How about a picture of a mother and a daughter with the Eiffel Tower in hindsight? Simple but effective. Things like this will give you advantage over competition.

Don’t Try Too Hard 

If your content is frequent and high on quantity but low on quality then people will start to take notice which is bad publicity. Do not engage in overdoing anything – be it marketing or updating. This will damage your credibility and thus make it difficult for people to take the brand seriously.

Author Bio:

My name is Tracy,  I’m a keen wildlife and pet enthusiast, as well by profession I am a content marketer and know how to promote a business, currently I am working for an Instagram marketing agency SocialShop and writing blogs is my hobby.

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