Call the Digital Nomad Lifestyle your Own

In an increasingly mobile age, occupations are less and less defined by one’s relative location. As the sheer number of remote occupations not based upon region or area slowly rises, so too do unique job opportunities present themselves. Those occupations characterized by opportunities not traditionally afforded to nine-to-five employees continue to rise in number. Individuals who have recently taken advantage of these occupations, known as digital nomads, live a vibrant lifestyle otherwise impossible to traditional employees.

Perks of living life as a digital nomad include freedom to operate within confines you set. You have the ability to set your own hours, travel as you please, and the capacity to exist on the cutting edge of a novel way of life. Many digital nomads choose to make their living on lifestyle and travel-related conditions. Read on to discover the many benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle, especially if you’re looking to explore the world for yourself!

The Photos Are On You, The Cost Likely Isn’t

One of the definitive perks of living life as a digital nomad is the unique capacity to travel the world as only a digital nomad can. That is to say, you’re going to find yourself presented with the distinct opportunity to make the world your own, visiting only those sites across the face of the globe you feel are most glorious. However, keep in mind that if you’re living as a digital nomad, you are essentially profiting off of the readability of your own published content. This means you’re going to be traveling to sites where you can most easily make a living.

For however many photos you’re taking, you likely won’t have to pay out of pocket for the opportunity. Especially if you’re a digital nomad who has taken advantage of an increasingly large following for your publications, your expenses should be more than covered by your own profits. This means that for as much as you’re going to travel within the course of a single calendar year, you likely can allow the profits from your own travel writing to offset costs, often in their entirety. While the process itself does not allow you to keep much change in your pocket, it does allow for an efficient method by which you can travel the world on a budget!

You Become a Renowned Travel Authority

Given that your digital nomad status has you traveling for the majority of the year, you’re going to easily become one of the world’s foremost authorities when it comes to places to be, and landmarks to see! The knowledge of the world comes only at the price of a traditional nine-to-five occupation, where you’re likely going to be greeted by the same four walls, each and every day. However, when you become a digital nomad, you’re going to find yourself the privileged guest of the finest sights and sounds that the globe has to offer you! From the Eiffel Tower to the Great Pyramids, your next destination is determined by you, where you can travel as much as your agenda and your budget allows!

This means that given your penchant for adventuring to new and to exotic places, and telling others about them courtesy of a travel blog, or another method by which you sustain your travels, you’re going to quickly become a resident expert when it comes to where to travel, what to see, and how to catch the greatest of the world’s landmarks on a budget! Good luck finding anyone else who can trump your travel stories, as well as your world-class expertise! When you become a digital nomad, traveling expertise simply comes with the position.

Happiness Becomes Your Occupation

It’s no secret that those who travel are generally happier, healthier, and have a more positive outlook on life in general. This lifestyle could be yours when you elect to give the digital nomad lifestyle a try! If you’re the type of person who derives a unique flavor of joy from all things traveling, you’ll be pleased to know that constant joy is only an easy decision away! Take your future into your own hands, and join the ever-growing number of individuals who elect to live life as a digital nomad, wandering from oft-traveled site to the next, and informing the world of their exploits! All the while, you’re going to find yourself enjoying the experience, every part of it, from travel arrangements to the moment when you’re finally gazing upon the landmarks you once only dreamed of.

A Public Service

Not only are you going to be satisfying your inner desire to travel the world; you’re going to be helping the majority of the world’s population, who do not possess the freedom to travel which you have! This means that when it comes to advice regarding where to stay on one’s next vacation, or where to eat, or which sites to see and which to avoid, you can trust that the public demographic is going to be consulting your expertise for advice. With your unique perspective from the ground, you can provide reviews on activities and places to stay on sites such as review platform, Tripadvisor or contribute to Trip101, a travel media platform that provides vacation rental recommendations.

For example, let’s say that a middle-class American family is looking to travel to Georgetown, the capital of Malaysian state Penang. The first thing this family will do is consult your verified travel authority since you’ve obviously visited the second-largest city in Penang. They’ll find detailed instructions as to where to eat (Suffolk House Restaurant is a good bet!) what to do (make sure you walk down Armenian Street!) and where to stay (don’t pass up the Berjaya Penang Hotel!). Thank you in advance for putting your love for traveling the world to good use, for the betterment of others’ vacations and getaways!

Welcome to Your Own Potential

What’s better than a rising occupation where you make your own hours, accrue your own income, and levy your work days against unbelievable travel experiences, both locally and internationally? Welcome to the ever-increasing popularity of one of the world’s most riveting new work opportunities, known as digital nomadism, where the distance between you and some of the globe’s finest sights and sounds is only as short as your own desire to live life to its fullest!

Author Bio:

Shane Haumpton is a contributing writer for several websites and blogs. She has written on a variety of topics, ranging from lifestyle, photography, travel, and arts and crafts to gadgets, social media, and internet safety. Shane also works with Trip101, a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world covering destination guides to accommodation recommendations for vacation rentals and hotels. This self-confessed coffee addict and shutterbug manages to do all these while enjoying life as a nomad.