4 Methods of Creating Quality Content for Email Marketing

“269 billion is the figure.”

It is the number of emails received by 3.7 billion email users per day as stated by Radicati Group in 2017. Moreover, according to the reports of Internetlivestats 2018, the number of legitimate emails is 3 billion, and the number is supposed to get double in the next decade.

The commercial purpose is the reason for the steep hike in the statistics.

What lays the foundation for a perfect email?

Content and the apt, and useful ways to strategize it are the answers.

1. Grab the Readers’ Eyes with a Compelling Subject Line

The saying, the first impression is the last impression fits here in the best way. The higher the number of emails, lower the open rate. So, to hold your readers, you need to say the entire thing in less amount of emails, and they have to look interesting and actionable to the people.

What’s the result?

  • Keep the subject line up to 7 words. But you should also perform “two-sample hypothesis testing” or A/B testing to check the audience response.
  • Using numbers in the subject line is the other hack which is reliable to increase the open rate of your emails. For example, “7 tips to save money while shopping.”
  • Consider the preview or the preheader as a second headline. Add descriptions to it.
  • Make it actionable by using action verbs, for example, 9 expert tricks or 6 best hacks. It will engage people and rise inquisitiveness to open the email and read.
  • One of the rarely used tips is using brackets for depicting what is inside the email. [word document] or [ infographic].
2. Value Your Customers by Creating Exclusivity

Individual attention and care are what everyone likes. Try to make your customers feel special. Nintendo is offering a pre-order bonus for its new game- Mario Tennis Aces. It lets the email subscribers feel like a part of an exclusive club. The company is offering 300 bonus Gold points if you buy it before 21 June.

Write a few blogs on the advent of a new product or event and send them a link for information before it goes public.

3. Outshine from the 121 Received Emails

Call out the “click” from the rest of the emails by being friendly and considerate. For this, try to work a step forward from the other email senders by adding great photos entitling them with fun captions. “Fun and laugh are what we all miss now in this busy and gloomy world”. Make their day better by being generous and positive using kind words.

4. Use Easy to Read Words

Your readers are not lexicomane. No one has got time to search sophisticated words over the dictionary, so keep it simple and crisp. The higher the simplicity the more the engagement rate. Divide the content into headings and sub-headings. To get some traffic to your website from your email subscribers, add “read more” option in the email.

Following this 4 simple and easy tips can help you in converting early-stage leads into sales-ready leads.


Author Bio:

I’m Jessica Gross, a freelance content writer who reads and writes every day on various topics related to society, culture, academics, business and lifestyle. I also work as an academic consultant for Assignment Help, an academic writing service provider.