Top Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling on Business

A business trip can be a grueling task for your brain, whether you’re sealing deals or sourcing new suppliers, with all the travel added on top, you’ll definitely be exhausted once you return home. However, such exertion doesn’t always translate to calories burned. In fact, with a hectic business schedule, you might struggle to find the time to exercise at all.

In today’s post, we’ll be aiming to help you change this – by suggesting some quick fixes that are easy to incorporate into your next business trip, whenever and wherever that may be.

See the Sights Between Meetings

On a multi-day business trip, it’s likely you’ll at least have a small amount of time to unwind, and while the temptation is there to relax somewhere comfortable, why not indulge your wanderlust and explore the local area on foot? Just about every major European city is brilliantly walkable, so whether it’s a walk amongst the characterful gothic quarter of Barcelona or bringing out your inner flâneur in Paris, you’re sure to find something interesting to see on your walk – and after a while, you’ll have totted up thousands of steps without even thinking about it.

Taking a stroll to do a little sightseeing is also a great way to help your mind wind down after a hectic business day. Watching the rhythms of daily life in a foreign city is very relaxing, and offers a true escape – something you’re guaranteed to appreciate after a long day of challenging, indoor meetings.

Take Advantage of Free Equipment

Most business hotels have a gym somewhere in the building, with all the machines you’d expect from a top-level leisure center. If it’s free, then you should definitely take advantage of it, especially if exploring the local area isn’t an exciting prospect. If there’s a hotel pool, even better, as a few lengths can help you de-stress in much the same way as watching TV in your room – but with added calorie-burning benefits.

Researching what the hotel has to offer before arriving is as a great idea and will help you decide which exercise essentials to pack – such as your swimming gear and running shoes. If there are no gym facilities at the hotel, consider investing in some light-weight exercise gear such as resistance tubing, which you can use as a substitute for lifting heavy weights when on the move.

Hit the Beach

Of course, swimming isn’t limited to the hotel pool. If you’re visiting a coastal city, then an invigorating morning dip in the ocean can set you up perfectly for the day ahead. Swimming in the sea is a sure-fire endorphin rush that’ll last through even the longest business day. Imagine meeting clients in Miami having started the day swimming in the cool Caribbean waters? We can’t promise any guaranteed business benefits, but you’ll definitely be more relaxed and motivated when tackling the working day.

Seek Low-Calorie Options

The temptation is definitely there to indulge on your business trip, especially if the local area is known for its cuisine. While this is an authentic way to eat on a trip away from your main office, eating multi-course restaurant meals every night isn’t the best way to stay in shape or keep you focused throughout the day.

Seeking out low-calorie options at restaurants or at the hotel buffet will help you avoid feeling sluggish or struggle to sleep after over-indulging. It can often be difficult to keep to the same rules you set for yourself at home when you’re away on a business trip, but adhering to these disciplines is key if you’re to keep fit while you’re travelling.

While keeping these tips in mind, remember to enjoy your business trip, and most importantly, achieve the goals set out for you. Incorporating fitness and exercise into your travels will help you do just that, as you’ll be much more motivated for success after a stress-busting workout.

Author Bio:

Alex Jones is a features writer for Start Fitness – providers of running, cycling, gym, football and outdoor products.