Where to Travel in 2018 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Now that 2018 has set in, I’m sure that everyone is jotting down their favorite destinations from the list of places to visit in 2018. But for those who are still unsure about where to go and what to choose, how about looking at the stars for some 2018 travel inspiration?

Just to make things a little easier, I’ve analyzed the traits and interests of the different zodiac signs and matched each of them to their perfect holiday destination. Maybe this will help in your decision-making process and you’ll also be convinced whether or not it matches to your personality.  Have a quick look at the list and start planning your travel itinerary for 2018.


Aries are always the leaders of the pack and the first one in line to get things going. Whether or not everything gets done is another question altogether. For an Aries it is more important to initiate rather than to complete. Going with your determination and zeal to explore the new, you should be planning a trip to Montana, Canada, and explore the Glacier National Park. 

Hike up the beautiful trails and experience the bliss of solitude, ski through the deep powdery ice, or bike through the cedar forests in the Glacier National Park.  Another major reason for you to explore this place is that it comes under the vulnerable zones in the world which is suffering massively due to global warming and might just not hold on to its glamour and beauty for long enough.


Taureans, as we all know, are lovers of relaxation and luxury! You would prefer to enjoy the finer things in life. Vacation for you means lazy mornings with a sumptuous breakfast, a beach side lunch followed by some sunbathing and evenings with some live music and good alcohol.  (You are already dreaming of it, right?)

To say the least, the best place for you to explore in 2018 would be the picturesque island of Bali, where each day unfolds with something new to offer you. Opt for meditation sessions on the beach, go for a relaxing spa, binge on lip-smacking seafood and explore the virgin beaches of the island. Immerse yourself in the Indonesian culture and try out scuba diving to get a sneak peek of the underwater world!


Geminis just love to talk! That’s the reason why you are famous as ‘the chatterbox’ in your group and you can talk till the sun comes up! In 2018, I believe you should travel somewhere, where there are tons of energy, endless things to do and a hard-to-resist nightlife – like Bangkok, Thailand.

The bustling capital of ‘The Land of Smiles’ will greet you with warmth and you can easily befriend the locals, explore the hidden gems of the city which tourists often miss out, binge on the delicious Thai cuisine and try your luck in cooking as well.

Your charming nature will work in your favor and the vibrancy of the city will perfectly suit your tastes and preferences. No matter whether you have enough money to splurge on this trip, or a shoestring budget for a backpacking journey – Bangkok will cater your needs in the most amazing manner and you’ll return back home with tons of memories!


Known as the most romantic zodiac sign, Cancerians are always driven by beauty and have an innate love for the slow, enriching and peaceful journeys having an old-world charm. Hence, the best place for you to travel and explore in 2018 would be Rome, Italy.

Italy is home to some of the world’s best artworks, architecture as well as music and thus, it’ll be the perfect holiday destination. The museums having sculptures dating back to early ages, the gorgeous Colosseum, the influence of Greek architecture, the rich history and culture of the Roman Empire will absolutely drive you crazy.

Cancerians are known for being creative types and in Italy, you might just discover your hidden talents and discover a new you! Rather than procrastinating any further, add Rome to your travel bucket list 2018 and start planning your trip.


To match your larger than life personality, you need to travel somewhere that’s just as energetic and full of life as you are. And what can be a better than a trip to Spain, where carnivals never seem to pause and there’s something or the other happening throughout the year!

Whether you wish to plan a trip to the big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia or take a road trip to explore the countryside and visit the beautiful little towns – Spain can never bore you! Be in the Valencian town of Buñol during the Tomatina festival and join the craziness, and gorge on the sumptuous meals served during the Carnival in Cádiz.  Don’t miss the flamenco performances in Seville and of course, catch a live football match while you are there in the country!


Virgos are the polite and traditional types, who are extremely choosy when it comes to traveling. While I’m sure you would rather choose to stay back home and read a good book, taking a trip to London won’t be that bad either. To say the least, for perfectionists like you, England is the best destination to explore in 2018.

Plan to spend your summers in London, when all good things happen there! Enjoy visiting England’s esteemed university towns, including Oxford and Cambridge, and spend a day or two at a countryside cottage, picking the veggies from the kitchen garden of your home-stay and cook by yourself.

Considering your introvert nature, I can understand that you enjoy observing more than speaking. Maybe you can spend your evenings sitting at a quaint cafe in Beak Street and observe the passersby or just scribble your thoughts about being on a solo trip to London.


Living the Libra life is all about living a life of balance and this works for you while planning your trips as well. You want a perfect destination that offers the best of everything – perfect weather, good food, affordable yet cozy stay, fun things to do, warm and friendly natives, so on and so forth!

How about exploring the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira? Sounds fascinating, right? Oh well, you have to trust me when I say this – the photographs of Madeira on the internet just don’t do justice! The place is even more beautiful and you need to see it in order to believe!

Situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal, the islands Of Madeira have golden beaches with emerald green waters, amazing hiking possibilities, delectable gourmet food and a tropical climate that’s just perfect. Discover the rich culture of the region, my dear Librarians, and explore Madeira in 2018.


Everyone admires a Scorpion’s sense of passion and zest for life, and that’s what makes them special. Your love to discover the new can take you a long way, and if you’ve been wondering where to travel in 2018 to unwind in the most perfect manner, then there can be no better place on Earth for you than the Scandinavian nations.

Combining the countries of Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Scandinavia is a paradise that is still not explored by many. But for travelers who love to witness the mystery of nature, living in a tent and gazing at the Northern lights can never be compensated with anything else!

If you’ve also been thinking where to go this year, and know that your stars are calling you to head towards the North of the globe and explore the remote forests of Sweden, postcard-like small towns of Denmark, amazing Reindeer sledge trip through the Norwegian woods and much more!


The most free-spirited and adventurous of the zodiac signs, you must be having a bucket list already, consisting of all the places you’d like to travel in 2018. The idea of meeting new people and exploring new things excites you tremendously, and thus, a backpacking trip across Southeast Asia would just be the best for you!

There will be no dearth of exciting things and you’ll be having endless options to choose from!   Whether you wish to party all night at the beaches of Koh Phangan, Thailand, or hike through the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia; explore the ruins of Angkor at Siem Reap, Cambodia, or maybe spend a few peaceful days in the Sapa Village of Vietnam – you can simply combine the best and put them together in your itinerary!

Sagittarians have an adventurous streak and the Southeast Asian countries can cater your wanderlust in the most quintessential manner.


Known to be the masters of self-control, it’s time for the Capricorns to set out for the most adventurous journey ever! If you’ve been wondering where exactly to go for a unique holiday experience, then I would suggest you to ditch the regular and embark on a challenging trek in the Himalayas!

Famous as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal is a little-landlocked country that will be the best destination for you to explore in 2018. Do a research about the best treks in Nepal (of course, I would suggest you to go for the Everest Trek) and start working out to raise your fitness quotient.

And not just that, but Nepal also has some beautiful hill towns like Pokhara and Nagarkot, as well as the Chitwan National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) that are totally worthy of visiting. To add to your delight, Nepal is also termed by the Lonely Planet as ‘the most affordable nation in the world’, so your pocket will not have a hole either!


Aquarians, with an expansive mind like yours, you surely need a place that’ll truly meet the expectations of your imagination. In order to have the best experience beyond the regular urban destinations, the perfect option for you would be a wildlife expedition in Tanzania.

Go for safaris in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro region to spot the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, black rhinoceros, and African buffalo). In case you are more thrilled to witness the Great Migration – an annual occasion when millions of zebra, wildebeest and other antelope migrate from Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya, you can plan your trip around the end of the year, in the month of November.

For wildlife photography enthusiasts, it’ll be a breathtaking opportunity to capture some incredible shots and you can also indulge in knowing more about the tribal population residing in this part of the world.


Pisces is a water sign and people of this zodiac are characterized by their empathy and emotional capacity. Needless to say, you can embark on a meaningful volunteering journey in 2018 and touch some lives in the most beautiful manner.

Recently named as ‘the most empathetic country in the world’, Pisceans who are typically kind and compassionate must choose to volunteer in Ecuador. No matter whether you want to teach the little kids in a rural school in the outskirts of Quito, or get engaged in a Turtle Conservation Program while living close to the Pacific beaches – you will get to experience the best days of your life, here in Ecuador.  You can also choose to go for a retreat at the Galapagos Islands, and dive into the water to feel alive!

So, what are you waiting for? Go book your trip!

Author Bio:

Riyanka Roy is an ordinary girl with some extraordinary dreams. She loves to believe in the miracles of destiny, and wants to travel all over the world, spend time with the natives, binge on local food, and absorb their culture. She feels that she’s born with gypsy blood, and stagnation makes her feel claustrophobic. Life, for her, is like a book, and she loves writing about everything interesting she comes across. She believes that her stories make the chapters of her book more colorful. You can read more about here travel stories at Words Weave Stories.