5 Bizarre Travel Stops for Your Next Vacation

Are you looking for a ridiculously exotic but satisfying place for vacation? You came to the right place. Planning for a perfect vacation is a pain in the head especially in choosing the right places to go. If you want a fantastic place for your next outing, here are some unusual travel destinations that you can try.

Yemen’s Socotra Island

Socotra Island is a piece of a peninsula located northwest of the Indian Ocean, near the Gulf of Aden. This island separates itself from African mainland for more than 220 miles. Socotra looks like the places seen in sci-fi movies where aliens live.

It signifies its uniqueness by having incredible plants such as dragon’s blood trees that look like flying saucers attached to the top of the trunks. There are also unique bulbous bottle trees growing freely on the island.

Birds living on this island are not found anywhere else in the world such. Birds such as the Socotra Starling, Socotra Grosbeak, and Socotra Sunbird call the island home. The marine life on this island is also uniquely diverse with over 250 species of reef-building corals, 300 species of crabs and shrimps.

The Catacombs in Paris, France

The creepy catacombs in Paris are a chain of old mining tunnels and are the resting place of more than six million Parisians. By the 17th century, a massive number of people have lived and died in Paris which made cemeteries overstuffed and overflowed with graves to the point that corpses and bones were common everyday sights. Skulls and bones taken from overcrowded graveyard mostly remain anonymous.

Bones were in a morbid arrangements since the authorities decided to make it a tourist attraction. Some pieces of bones are stacked accurately along the passage of tunnel; others are organized to form patterns and images.

Red Beach in Panjin, China

This beach in Panjin, China is famous for its unique landscape featuring red colored sea, concealed with a type of seaweed commonly called Sueda. Suaeda salsa starts growing around April and May. Every autumn, the extended area of sea turns all red. It hosts the most complete ecosystem and is in the most extensive reed marsh and wetland in the world.

This area is the route of more than 236 migrating species of birds. Tourists are only allowed to visit the Red Beach in distinct areas designed especially for tourism. You can ride a bus from Beijing to Tianjin to take a look at this place and experience a breathtaking view.

Giant’s Causeway of Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is an area of sensational geological importance at the edge of Northern Ireland. It features unique site exposure of 40,000 regular and some large-shaped polygonal basalt columns left by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago in a perfect horizontal zone.

This impressive site has come as a symbol of Northern Ireland and been celebrating arts, science and tourist attraction for at least 300 years. Tourists can explore trails and savor the fantastic coastal scenery comes with audio guide accessible.

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

The Son Doong Cave is in the middle of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in the province of Central Vietnam. Known as the largest cave passage section as of 2009. Inside the cave is a fast-flowing, massive subterranean river.

The cave is believed to be existing between 2 to 5 million years ago. It’s passage measures more than 5 km long, 490 feet meters wide and 660 feet high. Its natural landscape is perfect for people who love trekking adventure.


You deserve a good and satisfying vacation. There are many travel destinations worldwide; some may look familiar, some are unusual.  Enjoy every second of the moment wherever you may choose to go. Place like Socotra Island, Son Doong Cave, The Catacombs, and other places are perfect for that vacation.

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