10 Must Visit Destinations in India for Women Who Wish To Travel Solo

India is a treasure for travel and it’s not just now, but has been so, since centuries. Currently solo women travelers in India come seeking the delights. From pampering, adventure, relaxing, sightseeing and a number of experiences, whatever be your choice, India has it all and a little bit more.

Ode to women, here is our list of exciting journeys to some of the must visit destinations in India for women.

1. Rishikesh

Give yourself a yoga retreat or go on for an adventure activity, Rishikesh will please you with a memorable experience. It is simple and an awesome destination for solo female travelers. Tranquil banks of Ganga, serene ‘Ashrams’ and superb yoga sessions are a perfect respite from the hectic schedule. Witnessing sunset from the Laxman Jhula is one of the must things to do here. Take a shot at white water rafting, bungee jumping and camping as well.

2. Rajasthan

The royal land of Rajasthan is one of the safest destinations for first-time solo female travelers. There is so much to explore. Days will turn into weeks when Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Bikaner are clubbed together for travelling alone. Mouthwatering cuisines are an added advantage that can tempt you to be here. This state is a home to three of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and offers best desert safari experience.

3. Pondicherry

Since, you are travelling alone it means that you want some time out for yourself. Pondicherry grants your wish and is the place for solitude seekers. The sheer calmness of the place is a striking contrast to the honking cities and thus, is a bliss for a complete state of mind. This ‘Paris of East’ is known for French delicacies, architecture and the much favored by ladies – ‘shopping’! The Union Territory of India is one of the best places for solo female travelers.

4. Nainital

Nainital is one of the must-visit destinations for solo female travelers. The charm of this hill station will cast a magical spell on you. Nestled around the Naini Lake, it is a natures’ bounty. This resort town is a place you will go gaga over. The warm hospitality of Kumauni people makes one feel at ease. The steaming MOMOS are a pleasant bliss when cool breeze strokes you gently. Don’t forget to buy some Tibetan clothes from here.

5. Varanasi

A trip to this place will awake the spiritual you. Tiny flickering lamps in river during Ganga Aarti at the Ghats of Varanasi is an incredible view to witness. Boat rides, soulful hymn chanting and divine aura makes it must-visit destination for solo female travelers. The ‘City of the Ghats’ will become your favorite destination after admiring the cultural legacy of the place. A vibrant fusion of pure veg dhabas, modern cafes and tons of shops is available here. You can look out for everything from fine silks and rudraksha beads.

6. Hampi

Hampi is one of the safest destinations for first-time solo female traveler. It is counted as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and hence is worth exploring. Many history buffs satiate their quest for knowledge here. Generous, pleasant and socially affluent people are what you can expect to have encountered with. For a backpacker in you, this place greets with cheap accommodations and lots of mysteries to be solved. It will make you feel like going back to school days and scroll some of the history chapters.

7. Shimla

Shimla is counted as the best place for solo female travelers. With limited options to delight in at, this queen of Hills can be visited anytime of the year. It is highly advisable to travel this hill town in famous toy train to get the maximum out of the trip. The scenic view and the pristine beauty of the land creates a jaw dropping effect and leave you mesmerized. This place is also houses Kalka Shimla Railway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8. Mysore

It’s shopping time girls! Yes, Mysore is a galore of premium silk, sandalwood and incense. It is one of the safest destinations for first-time solo female travelers. Further, you can also step out to buy the bouquet of your favorite flowers from the famous flower market. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage at Ayurvedic Spa to get rid of all the stress accumulated over a long period of time. Yoga Centre adds a feather to the cap of this marvelous place.

9. Shillong

Shillong is dotted with azure sky, splendid waterfalls, superb golf-course and mighty mountains. The plush greenery and the amicable people make it the safest destination for first-time solo female travelers. Also, known as the ‘Scotland of the East’, it will give lots of time to introspect yourself. Shillong means ‘the abode of clouds’ and it will surely the tickle the wanderlust in you to be here often. Do look forward to take part in some of the music festivals which keep on taking place usually.

10. Kerala

How can one not feel safe at God’s own country? Kerala has abundance of greenery, serene places, cultures, religions and almost everything. People head towards this place for utter rejuvenation at Ayurvedic Spas and incredible experience of sailing through river in house boats. There are lots of religious institutions which make this place must-visit destinations for solo female travelers. Munnar can spark the romance while Kovalam can be visited for its scenic beaches. It can also be sought after for adventure activities or for paying homage at different pilgrimages.

Although, ladies get less opportunities to travel alone, but if one gets it, it must be enjoyed to the fullest. Do consider visiting these famous destinations when traveling alone in India.

Author bio: I am Kalyan Jha, a curious traveler, and blogger. I have visited so many stunning places in India such as Kerala Backwater, Kashmir, Himachal, Ladakh and numerous off-beat places in India. I love to write and share my travel experience with travel enthusiasts to make their memorable holidays in India through my comprehensive blogs and articles.