Travel Tips for Disabilities and Wheelchair Users

Let’s be frank. Travelling is stressful for everyone, and even the most experienced traveller will be stressed at some point in time during his/her trip. Contrary to the popular belief, travelling with the disability is easy if you know how to plan your trip in advance, and take some precautions. If you are a wheelchair user, make sure you choose a proper wheelchair by going through the list of best wheelchairs reviewed and compared. Also, if you are obsessed with travelling then why not show your love for it by putting a map in your own house? Well, it would look great and you can scratch off some of the best travel maps here Other than that, here are some pointers to help you plan in advance for your trip.

#1: Book a Hotel, Which Is Accessible 

Booking a hotel in your travel destination is a good option, even before you have started your journey. That helps you to remain prepared for any situation around you. Additionally, make sure that you choose a room, which is accessible easily. Even for the wheelchair-bound, some hotels provide extra facilities. Avail them, and you would be able to make sure that your journey is a positive and stress-free one.

#2: Plan a Proper Route

It is always better to have a rough route planned before you start your journey. Yes, plans change, but at the same time, you need to be sure that you know how you are moving from one destination to another. Research the routes from one tourist attraction to another, the vehicles available and the public transport accessibility. With the help of proper transportation and planning, you can have a proper tour, which you can enjoy to the fullest.

#3: Airlines

When you are booking a flight, make sure that you check where you will be seated. Some areas have more leg space, compared to other areas, which makes it easier for you to transfer yourself from the wheelchair to your seat, and vice versa easier. So, when you are collecting your ticket, ask the staff and request if you can have those seats.

Also, try avoiding the continuous or connecting flights. This is because, while you might reach your destination earlier, you will be tired, and moving from one flight to another without a break, can be tedious and tough on your body.

Since plane seats are uncomfortable for even the normal passengers, hence, you should carry a wheelchair cushion with you to prevent the pressure sores and give yourself a bit of comfort, while you are travelling long hours. This will also come in handy if you are sitting in the airport for long hours. That can happen for a variety of reason, even your flight can be delayed or cancelled, so it is better to prepare yourself for the best, or worst.

When you are boarding the flight, make sure you tell the special assistant how you need to be lifted. There’s no need to be shy, because you have a special condition, and no one knows better than you how things can be done, and what you are comfortable with.  Also, before you book your flight, make sure you know the dimensions of your wheelchair, and if it is battery powered or not. In short, make sure you know everything about your wheelchair because that might come in handy at any point in time. Also, the flight attendants and the special officers ask this for safety reasons, and to check if it will fit in the specified location.  If you do not provide this information during flight booking, they might need to call you back, and that might cause an additional delay (depending on your tour date), or some problem.

Plan B, Plan C, Plan D

It is not only important to plan how you are going to get to your destination, and what you will do after that. It is also important to plan what you would do if there’s an emergency, accidents or any problem and you do not reach your destination. Other than that, numerous things can go wrong. For example, what if your hotel bed is stiff? What if your flight is delayed? In the first case, you would need a proper mattress. You can carry an air mattress, and blow it up if required. As for the flight being delayed, carry an air cushion, and make sure that you have extra medicines for yourself. This will come in handy if you need to overstay in case of any emergencies.

The more organized and realist you are the better and smoother trip you will have. It never hurts to plan, and you should never be sorry for your condition. Once you know what you require, and plan accordingly, you would be able to have a smooth and memorable journey, which you can even be happy about later on. Stressing about the journey, while on it, is not a good option, and you should take extra measures to prevent the stress and worry from creeping in.