Top 5 European Places to Travel for College Students

College years are a perfect time to travel. Sure, you have to study and even work sometimes, but still, you aren’t obliged to work 8 hours every day. You have holidays, more free time, and student discounts, of course. So why not make the most out of this perks and use them to explore the world?

If you decided you want to go traveling but haven’t decided where exactly do you want to go, here are 5 amazing options for you.

1. Rome

It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and you can explore it without actually spending much money in the process. For example, your transport expenses there won’t be too big as the city center can be easily explored by foot. Moreover, it’s even better to do it this way – it’s quite easy to walk to every major attraction and it would allow you to explore the streets in the process.

However, if you want to visit Vatican, you should use the metro instead – just remember that it closes at 11:30 PM so you won’t miss the last train.

Here’s what you can see in Rome:

  • The Vatican;
  • Fontana di Trevi;
  • Trastevere;
  • Colosseum;
  • Appian Way;
  • Piazzas.

Another perk of visiting Rome is that many places worth seeing are free there. However, if you are able to choose the time of your trip, it’s better to avoid tourist season.

2. Athens

If you want to explore museums full of masterpieces and see world-famous monuments, Athens might not be the right place for you. However, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of an ancient city that’s also a part of this century, Athens definitely is a place you should visit.

And while they don’t have many world-famous sights, there’s still a lot to see there. Athens is mostly about buildings and runts, but they also have many museums as well some amazing places to check out – for example, Syntagma Sq., where performers dance.

Here’s what you can see in Athens:

  • Acropolis;
  • National Garden;
  • Kerameikos;
  • Numismatic Museum;
  • Athens Parka;
  • Hadrian’s Library

and much more.

3. Warsaw

Warsaw doesn’t seem like a place often visited by many Americans and even Europeans – yet it’s a place that definitely worth visiting. This city isn’t big but it’s absolutely beautiful and full of places to see. The local cuisine is also worth checking out – it might seem quite unusual to many, but it’s still tasty and interesting to try.

Moreover, Warsaw is a very cheap city – so if you have a limited budget, it’s a travel option especially worth considering.

Places to see in Warsaw:

  • Royal Castle;
  • Lazienki Park;
  • Chopin Museum;
  • Old Town Square;
  • Neon Museum;
  • Wilanow Palace;
  • Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

4. Paris

The famous city described by many poets and novelists, often called «The capital of love». Paris is a place where many want to travel – and it is also known as a quite expensive place for students to visit.

However, even if it might seem pricey, this still doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to visit Paris with a limited budget – you only need to know where to stay and where to eat. There are plenty of detailed guides online that can help you with that.

As for the sightseeing, here’s what you can check out during your trip to Paris:

  • Louvre Museum;
  • Eiffel Tower;
  • Palace of Versailles;
  • Notre Dame Cathedral;
  • Moulin Rouge;
  • Montmartre;
  • Arc of Triumph.

5. Kiev

Just like Warsaw, Kiev is a place not often visited by foreigners. But if you decide to go there, you’ll be able to enjoy exploring this lush green city, full of places to see and visit.

Kiev is famous not only for its long history of withstanding the oppression and fighting it – it also has so many parks, museums, places where you can taste local cuisine and bars that are hard to find yet worth visiting. That’s why you can enjoy your stay in Kiev both if you like to explore historical places and if you like to simply have a good time.

Here’s what you can see in Kiev:

  • Motherland Statue;
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra;
  • Golden Gate Museum;
  • Maidan and Kreshchatyk;
  • Mezhyhirya;
  • House With Chimaeras;
  • Mariinsky Park.

Traveling as a student isn’t an easy thing to do and not always because of the budget. Actually, the budget problem is one of the easiest to solve if you look for cheap places, travel using low-cost airlines, and use student discounts. It’s the scheduling and planning that can be hard and challenging to many students.

If you know that you cannot afford to take away and fly somewhere any moment you want to, you have to put a lot of efforts into planning. Save money ahead, do a proper research to find out how much time and money you will need, try to seize the best opportunity (for example, avoid tourist season as the accommodation fees and prices, in general, can increase during this time). Don’t be upset if your planning won’t be as effective as you expected it to be – this will change with time. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be able to become a successful traveler quick enough.

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