How to Choose the Best Compact Camera for Travel

When it comes to traveling, one should make allowances for many things. Even some slight details may be actually important. Many things will make your travel really memorable and the memories will be pleasant. How to make them material? The answer is to use a camera.

You should know several prompts about how to choose the needed camera for your traveling. It goes without saying that it would be impracticable to take with you a large camera. Therefore, your camera is supposed to be compact. It would be better to buy a small, inconspicuous and lightweight. It should be rugged, dependable, with high quality. In brief, it should be a real pleasure to use.

It is necessary to learn some more detail about the proper choice of a traveling compact camera.

The type of the camera. Firstly, you should choose a suitable type of your camera. Consider your travel goals and financial abilities. Commonly, people recognize 4 main types. Nevertheless, one should take into account two more. All of them will be described in details a bit later.

Quality. You will definitely need the information about the photo quality, which is utterly significant. If you really wish to capture awesome and clearly visible photos, you will require a camera with the proper quality. You should keep in memory one really essential point – don’t pay attention to megapixels. Some cameras may have different megapixels, but the quality will be the same. So why paying more for the same effects?

Portability. As you are going on a trip, you will require a small and not heavy camera. Otherwise, your trip will be inconvenient and not that pleasant due to a heavy and big camera.

Price. Undoubtedly, the matter of price is important as well. Traveling requires some costs. At times, the expenses are pretty big. Therefore, you should make allowances for all aspects of your travel.

Reviews. You should obligatory read the testimonials of the real people who used this or that camera type. In such way, you will receive the valuable information concerning the quality, reliability, and practicability of any model.

Experience. You should consider your experience as well. How much do you know about the art of photography? If you are not a professional, look for simpler models to get started.

Purpose. The main purpose of your travel is essential too. Different types of the cameras are good for different photos, such as landscapes, close-ups, photos under water and so on.

Try to remember these prompts. They will greatly help you. The final advice is to try the camera before you buy.

Here is the list of different camera types. Each may meet different targets. However, each has a definite number of disadvantages. Consequently, it would be wise to learn each type in details to find the most suitable variant.

  • Compact Cameras. This type is also known as “point and shoot”. The main advantages of these cameras are a great lens with zoom, lightweight, portability, and very low cost. When talking about the disadvantages one should mention the inability to change the lens and very little manual control. To the best models of this type are referred Canon PowerShot SX720 and Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II.
  • Advanced Compact Cameras. This type is the very best option for the inexperienced photographers. Using such cameras, you will enjoy effective sensors, comfortable manual controls, pictures in RAW and JPEG formats and better quality of point and shoots in comparison to the normal compact models. The cost is a bit higher and it is not possible to change the lenses. The best models of this class are Sony RX100M III and Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II.
  • Action Camera. This camera type will provide you with nice selfie shots, high-quality video recordings with great picture and sound. It is waterproof. Though it makes great action shots, it is not good for the landscape photos. It suits close-ups. The best model of this class is GoPro Hero5 Black.
  • DSLR. The most valuable and highly praised variants of this type are Nikon D3300 and Canon EOS Rebel T6i. One of the greatest options of this type is the possibility to change the lens and the choice is really rich. It includes various features, which will provide any photographer with qualitative pictures and a real comfort. Unfortunately, they are heavy to carry and their cost is pretty high. Nevertheless, if you are a professional you should buy exactly this type.
  • Mirrorless Cameras. These cameras are small, do not weigh much and are probably the most popular amongst the travelers. The price of these cameras is pricey and the quality of some cheaper variants is just the same. To the most popular models are referred Fujifilm X-T2, Sony Alpha a6300, and some others.
  • SmartPhone Cameras. This is a very quick and pretty convenient type, which allows sharing pictures. Their quality is similar to compact cameras, especially such new models like Apple iPhone Unlocked Smart Phone, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and the similar ones. Notwithstanding, they are no optical zone and are not advised for the professionals.

As you can see, each type of cameras has different benefits. However, they likewise have drawbacks. Therefore, you should evaluate all pros and cons and choose the most acceptable variant.

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