The Top Places to Eat in London

Whether you’re new to London, you’re a tourist interested in trying the local cuisine, then you might need some helping hand in finding a good place to eat. Or maybe you’re a local and you want to take out your beloved one or to dine with a group of friends, but you’re lost in the abundance of restaurants and pubs.

For sure, picking a nice restaurant in such a huge city is very difficult. All of them are very specific and have their own peculiarities. But how can you pick one which will definitely satisfy your taste? Here’s the list of Top 10 London restaurants which you’ll definitely enjoy. 

Singapore Garden83 Fairfax Rd.

If you’re tired of sushi and WOK noodles, and you want to explore Asian food a little bit more, Singapore Garden is a very nice place for you. Prices are affordable and portions are huge! It’s a very stylish and cozy place that everyone will definitely enjoy!

P.S. Be sure to order flatbread saturated with butter and rice noodles. They’re unbelievable.

Bai Wei8 Little Newport St.

Are you a fan of Chinese cuisine? Then this place is definitely for you! It’s a very cozy place with authentic Chinese delicacies. Everything is perfect in this restaurant, not to mention the service, which is very friendly and delightful. Be ready to try out a wide range of Chinese dishes, from very spicy to more moderate ones.

P.S. Don’t forget to try tofu and marinated pork with long beans.

Trader Vic’s22 Park Ln, Mayfair.

This is a very unusual place for a foggy, rainy London. This restaurant is a chance for you to escape from the city jungle into the world of South Sea. Here you’ll have a chance to try everything starting from traditional soups and finger food to something more exotic.

P.S. Want to try the lobster you’ve never tasted before? Then this place is for you!

Mari Vanna – 116 Knightsbridge.

If you’re a fan of the Russian cuisine or just curious to try it out, this is the perfect place for you. Designed as a mansion in old Russia, this restaurant has an abundance of interesting antiques, which will definitely amaze you.

P.S. Don’t forget to try a traditional Russian borsch and pierogi. They’re amazing!

Goodman Mayfair24-26 Maddox St, Mayfair

If you’re feeling a little bit fancy, then you might be interested in this restaurant. It’ rather expensive, but once you try their dishes, you won’t regret it!

P.S. It will be a crime if you don’t try steaks here. They’re heavenly!

Fischer’s  – 50 Marylebone High St, Marylebone

“When we had our teambuilding event last summer, our boss took us to this place”, says Jennifer James, a manager at Bestessaytips. “They offer you so much to make your evening as cozy as possible. This is the best place in London!”

Indeed, here you can enjoy a variety of dishes at affordable prices. Besides, the staff is so friendly and attentive to your needs that you’ll definitely want to come back.

P.S. Schnitzel and sausages, prepared according to special Austrian recipes are a must-try!

Zoilo9 Duke St, Marylebone

A restaurant with mid-range prices and wonderful Argentinian cuisine will definitely win your attention! It’s a tapas bar, which means that it offers you a variety of dishes to try at once! This place is for you if you want to spend a cozy evening with your friends, but don’t want to eat too much. Tapas is all about small portions of different dishes. And if you like something, then you can order more!

P.S. Ojo de Bife (Argentinian Ribeye steak) is the most famous dish in this restaurant.

Moro34-36 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell

If you’re a sweet tooth and have a sudden craving for cakes and biscuits, then you should come here! Although this restaurant doesn’t only serve deserts, here you can try the best cakes in whole London!

P.S. Although the menu changes every two weeks, they always have their best apricot tart waiting for you to try it out!

Artusi161 Bellenden Rd

This is a perfect restaurant serving Italian cuisine. But here you won’t find traditional pizza. And why would you need it anyway? Pizza places have already become too cliché.

But this one offers you seafood and other traditional Italian dishes to satisfy your cravings. Besides, at these affordable prices you can try out a variety of dishes and, of course, Italian wine, the taste of which will take you to sunny valleys of Italy.

P.S. The menu is updated every day, but be sure to try out linguine with wild garlic and sorrel.

10 Greek Street10 Greek St, Soho

This place, conveniently located in Soho, offers you exceptionally delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere. Simple unpretentious design, lovely view and friendly service will definitely keep you satisfied. This is one of those places you always want to come back to, where you can meet with your friends or arrange work meetings. This place is very quiet and comfy, aside from very delicious food!

P.S. Here there’s a private dining room if you want to seclude yourself from the noisy London. The menu changes from time to time, here you can always try out chocolate mousse. It tastes wonderful!

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