7 Magical Caribbean Island Vacation Destinations

Pristine beaches, azure waters, pleasant climate, and a wide range of aquatic sports to pick and choose from are a given for tourists visiting the Caribbean. But while enjoying the stay once you have landed in the lap of the exotic paradise, selecting your vacation destination among dozens of Caribbean islands isn’t easy. If you’re planning to head to the Caribbean any time soon, make sure you check out these cool islands and include one or more of the destinations below in your trip itinerary.

1. Aruba

An ideal destination for families with kids and newlyweds alike, Aruba is a pearl of the Caribbean which brings together finest high-life entertainment, a range of water sports, and silky beaches stretching along warm, turquoise waters of the Southern Caribbean Sea. Known throughout the region for its thriving nightlife and live music venue, Aruba is the best place for first-time visitors to savor the true flavor of the Caribbean.

2. Barbados

One of the most multifaceted Caribbean islands, Barbados is a perfect pick for tourists looking to merge equal doses of the region’s culture, history, and wildlife. Here, accommodation deals are suited to travelers on all budgets, so if you’re up for a swim or a catamaran cruise followed by a tour of time-honored attractions such as Harrison’s Cave or Bridgetown, be sure you check in at Barbados on your next holiday.

3. Grand Cayman

If you’re not afraid to get your fins thoroughly soaked and see the best of Caribbean marine life up close, head to Grand Cayman. A place where peace is intoxicatingly sweet and stingrays swim free, the largest of the three Cayman islands is the closest it gets to the paradise on Earth. If you decide to spend your holiday in the heart of the Caribbean, be sure to give Grand Cayman scuba diving a go, and reward yourself for the hard work by a relaxing massage afterward.

4. Bermuda

Recognized as one of the most elegant Caribbean islands, Bermuda is marked by a strong British influence, and cricket and afternoon tea are an integral part of the local ways. On top of gripping beaches and jaw-dropping seascape, Bermuda is also a much-loved destination for golf fans and brave divers in search of dramatic archways, tunnels, and other pearls of underwater beauty. In case you’re looking for a high-end holiday experience, don’t miss the chance to visit Bermuda.

5. Puerto Rico

Another popular destination for lovers of exotic trips, Puerto Rico is a lively island which offers a variety of aquatic sports, cultural and historical tours, and other leisure activities to fun-starved tourists. Cities such as Ponce and San Juan are a dream-come-true for history lovers, and fans of surfing, snorkeling, and diving can get their adrenaline racing over at offshore islands of Culebra and Vieques. Expert tip: local delicacies are to die for!

6. Jamaica

One more riveting destination in the midst of the Caribbean, Jamaica has attracted tourists from around the world for a few decades now. A spot where nature shines in its finest while reggae beats fill the air, Jamaica offers a range of all-inclusive resorts with some of the region’s classiest golf courses. Here, travelers can watch exotic bird species, swim with dolphins, climb mountains, surf, jump off cliffs, or simply savor the sun and sip cocktails in the shade of palm trees.

7. Antigua

If you’re into kitesurfing, yachting, and archery, be sure to book your Antigua accommodation as soon as possible. A spot where awe-inspiring marine life meets high living, Antigua will welcome curious tourists by an ideal blend of culture, history, natural beauty, and world-class nightlife. If you want to avoid the peak tourist season, you should visit Antigua in the period May-November when the rates are cheapest (beware of humidity, though, as this is the rainy season).

Ready to pack your bags and head to the Caribbean? Be sure to book your accommodation well in advance: after all, everybody looking for a place under the sun to call their own will soon be lounging on one of the region’s amazing powdery beaches. Bon voyage!

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