What Kind of Traveler Are You?

There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter traveler. Once you get on the road, you’ll find your personality shift slightly… or it might shift completely. And, while everyone’s personality is different, these are eight of the most common types of traveler you’ll find on the road. Which one are you most like? Read on to find out.  

1. The Trailblazer

When everyone was booking their flights to Machu Pichu, you were on your way to southeast Asia. And, when they all heard about your incredible journeys off the beaten path, they booked flights to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Laos ASAP.

You’re one step ahead of the travel pack. You research the best places to go on a budget, or in a particular season, and you go. The rest of the world then follows suit.

2. The Daredevil

You are not happy to sit on a beach relaxing. You’re bored wandering around romantic European streets. Popping into an American restaurant for a burger while you’re abroad? You wouldn’t dare.

Instead, you want to try everything new and especially everything that makes your heart race. You climb mountains, you bungee jump, you snorkel, you sky dive. You really want to go into one of those shark cages off the coast of South Africa. And you want to try spicy foods, insects, new liquors and the meats of all different types of animals because you are, of course, a daredevil.

3. The Instagram Artist

Not all of us have the eye for smartphone photos, but you’re not included in that group. Instead, everything you see is captured so perfectly via Instagram. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply an Instagram artist, you know just how to filter and crop your travel photos, too, so even the slightly imperfect shot becomes likable.

On top of that, your travel personality highlights your love for social media. Whether it’s an anecdotal Facebook post, a silly Snapchat or a thoughtful tweet about life on the road, you know exactly how to keep the world in the loop — and in a state of awe — regarding your travels.

4. The Awe-Inspired

Those images captured by Instagram Artist above? You gasp when you see them in person. Every new experience inspires wonder and excitement within you, and you never want to forget anything you see on the road. You probably snap pictures or write in a journal, too, so that you don’t forget anything you’re grateful for visiting or learning. You might even pick up a small souvenir everywhere you go, just so that you don’t forget exactly where you’ve been.

5. The Good Time

There’s no problem with considering your vacation to be just that. And, while everyone else you encounter is looking to pump adrenaline or blaze new trails or create art or experience something new, you just want to have fun.

Your most likely travel destinations are beaches, cruises and other destinations known for their high-energy party vibes. When you get home, you probably need a few days to sleep off all of the good times you’ve had — a vacation from the vacation, if you will.

6. The Dandelion

You know how you can blow on a dandelion and it gusts away with the wind, unsure of where it’s going to land? That’s you. You buy a one-way ticket and use the money in your pocket to get you from place to place to place. An itinerary is boring for you. Instead, you prefer to pick up tips from locals, make friends and travel with them, or maybe even bum a ride from a stranger. You have some authentic experiences, but none ever come from planning.

7. The Pilgrim

You’re a bit like the Awe-Inspired, but you go on your trips with a particular journey in mind. The landmarks you see have meaning to you and you feel an incredible sense of humility and honor that you get to experience them. Your awe may be inspired by religious sites, sports havens, historical landmarks, literary settings, art museums… whatever is most important to you is even more important to see in person.

8. The Combo

Perhaps you see a little bit of Trailblazer in you, but also a little bit of Dandelion, too. Or, maybe you’re a Pilgrim who also likes to party. The Combo is the last type of traveler on the list, the most common because he or she is a combination of two or more of the types on we’ve already described.

The Combo is the most common and the best traveler to be. Rather than falling into one particular set of actions, expectations and experiences, you do a little bit of everything. You see more, do more, and learn more about yourself in the process — and that’s what traveling is all about.

What type of traveler are you, then? Let us know — and enjoy the journey, no matter who you are on the road.