7 Cheap and Exotic Places to Travel on a College Budget

When you are young and crazy, you want to do everything you want and seems like nothing cannot stop you. Except for the budget limitations… They can destroy all of your plans if you are looking for the cheap exotic vacations.

Traveling for cheap with pleasure is possible!

That is the old news that students love to travel at their free time and holidays. However, today even such a problem as the disability of money cannot stop desperate travelers! Hitchhiking, hostels, local residents, cheap food – these are the most popular ways to save your tiny budget while you cross the vastness of some country. However, the ability of cheap traveling with its bypass tricks is not the only obstacle that influences your route. As you know, some countries are quite expensive in most of the aspects and the possibility to visit it for cheap and successfully is way too high for your pockets. Yet, whenever you might think your idea was wrong, there is a sunbeam to light it up again! We have explored the whole list of the exotic countries, which can greet you as warm as American South and let you spend as little cash, as possible! There are the top 7 best places for college students to travel!

1. Greece

Recently, a country of the Gods has suffered from the economic problems. Since that has happened, the prices went down rapidly, and that has allowed the tourists from the different parts of the world visit Greece for pennies! But why not? This is an amazing and beautiful country with warm sunny climate, unique culture and interesting history. Even for low sums, you can let yourselves have enough fun to remember it for long and tell your friends! Come to see its beauties!a

2. Jamaica

Have you ever supposed that the Caribbean islands can be affordable for a regular student? Probably, you still cannot, but the Caribbeans will not impact your valet much if you are going to visit Jamaica. It is an amazing mix of warm climate, golden beaches surrounded by sea, exotic food and drinks. Everything is exotic and different from the stuff you have already experienced! Buddy Bob Marley was in love with it, hence you would either love it or love it! You will not regret it!

3. Mexico

The country, which is always mentioned in every illegal street race video, is one of the best places to visit for cheap! The Mexican economy is not known as the strong one, but thanks it; you can have a lot of fun in the “Heaven on Earth.” It is always hot, full of attractions for tourists, it has a lot of weird stuff, and its nature is stunning. There are mountains, coastlines with the Pacific Ocean and clear Caribbean Sea waters and deserts. And a great Mexican cuisine is surely the stuff you shouldn’t miss. This is something that can make people feel different emotions! Choose whatever you want!

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is another juicy position in our rating of exotic places to travel for cheap. This is one of the most attractive places to visit in the Southeastern part of Asia. The key reason to go there is that you will not spend much. It is a country with a high percentage of poverty among the residents. However, with these economic problems, Cambodia gives tourists an opportunity to see its amazing places. Its famous temples, rainforests and some other natural and cultural wonders will attract you for sure!

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is another Asian country, which can be a sweet piece of cake for a student traveler. Vietnam will be cheap to visit and travel through, but still, you can enjoy its every aspect. The most interesting places to visit are famous Vietnamese cliffs and bays, beautiful beaches, temples, Highland farms, waterfalls, mountains and so on. By the way, the Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world! The majority of people come to Vietnam just to feel a taste of famous Vietnamese foods!

6. Thailand

It sets number 6 in our rating of cheap exotic places to travel. Among the countries of Southeastern Asia Thailand is one of the most progressive, modern and economically stable places. But it’s simply beautiful – this is what happens when you mix progress and modern technology with amazing nature and historical heritage. In Thailand, you can act crazy by jumping off the cliff in the crystal clean water, swimming around cliffs in the bay, visiting famous temples, tasting unique Thai food and enjoying beauties of the Thai sunset in the city. These moments will stick in your memory forever!

7. Belize

Belize sets the last position in our rate of the cheap places to travel for college students. This is another place in the area of the Caribbean Sea, which attracts hundred thousands of tourists regularly. With this hot tropical climate, there is no better kind of activity than swimming in the warm and clear Caribbean waters, lay in the sun, drinking cocktails, or chill under the palm tree listening to the relaxing music! Thus, every student can gather some his papers up and let himself enter this Heaven!

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