Beautiful Cycling Spots on the Gold Coast

Any cycling enthusiast will tell you that cycling itself isn’t so difficult. It’s finding the right cycling destinations that trouble us most. We get used to working hard, the heat of the sun and the asphalt, and the weird tanning lines, but all those things become less important when you have a beautiful new place to discover. While Gold Coast is famous for beautiful beaches and lovely surfing spots, there is more to discover and experience. We give you a list of the most beautiful cycling spots on the Gold Coast.

Currumbin Valley

If you’re not an experienced cyclist, but only an enthusiast, perhaps it’s best to try something moderate and not-too-demanding. While going towards the Gold Coast Hinterland, you can go make a small detour through Currumbin and enjoy the view. The distance is small, only twenty kilometers, and there will be plenty of things to see while you’re there. Small hobby farms are everywhere and honesty boxes are lining the streets – you will feel like you’re in one of those movie-like towns. Make sure you have your lock and spare shoes with you because you can make a small break at Springbrook National Park and enjoy the view.

The Darren Smith Memorial route

As a great form of support of their local Olympic cyclist, Darren Smith Memorial route will take you along the beautiful coast between Point Danger and Paradise Point. It’s a small challenge, but it’s not too difficult; the route is 48 kilometers long and it will take you several hours to complete if you take a more leisurely pace. This is one of the best rides on the Gold Coast, and it will allow you to enjoy the view of the beach and even take a few breaks and go for a swim if you like. It’s great for both small groups and individuals, and there are many great cafes along the route which will allow you to have a cup of coffee and relax when you feel too tired to move on. The best thing is that the route will give you a chance to see both the beach and bushy scenery and you will feel like you really got to know the area.

Mount Tamborine

If challenges don’t scare you, 43 kilometers long loop ride from Canungra township through Tamborine is just what you need. You will get to see plenty of interesting things: famous Albert River Wines Vineyard, horse-racing studs, and climb Mount Tamborine. If you choose to go on an adventure through the area in winter, you will be enveloped by the smell of lovely log fires, while summer brings the refreshing smell of damp rainforest canopy. When you reach the top, you will fall in love with the view, and you might even catch a glimpse of hang gliders launching themselves from the side of the mountain. There are avocado trees growing along the path and you will be able to fill your backpack with perfect, ripe avocados for some nice guacamole when you get home.

Peaks Challenge Gold Coast

Bicycle Network started their Peaks Challenge series and decided to include the Gold Coast. Don0t take this lightly: the route is serious and incredibly demanding. The riders go through the Gold Coast Ranges and Northern New South Whales hinterland, which means they will cover approximately 235 kilometers which include five major climbs. The climbs aren’t easy either – nearly 4,000 meters of elevation gain, no less. People took part in this challenge and wrote about it, and if you’re ambitious (not to mention in great shape), you can try following his route and seeing for yourself why it’s considered so challenging and so rewarding.

Depending on how passionate, determined, and in shape you are, you are free to choose one-way rides, loops to cruise, or pick a truly demanding ride of more than a couple of hundreds of kilometers. The most important thing is to be careful and put your health and safety first. Sometimes it’s better to take it slow and start small: smaller tours until you get confident and get to know the environment a bit better.

About the Author

Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant for Reef Electric Bikes and Mobility Scooters and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.