Essential Travel Tips for Any Country You Visit: What to See, Eat and Try

Regardless of whether you are an experienced traveler or a newbie, traveling like a seasoned explorer is rather easy. All you have to do is follow some simple things and your intuition in order to fully experience the countries you visit. This translates into going on less popular routes, keeping a travel journal, and trying different things out of your comfort zone. Traveling is not just about visiting popular landmarks and highlights. You also have to take some time to explore less popular spots too and keep your curiosity at highest levels. The following are several steps to follow if you want to fully experience the countries you are traveling to.  

  • Before you visit some country, try to learn a few phrases and words of the local language. Get a pocket dictionary and keep it by your side, so it can help you when you want to speak with locals. Most locals will be pleasantly surprised and will be willing to help you if you made an effort to speak their language.
  • When you visit a country, do not stay just in one place or see just the top tourist hotspots. Explore further, speak with locals and ask for an advice, get recommendations what to see and where to go. You can also make a research before you travel, so you will be ready to explore as soon as you arrive.
  • Use the public transportation when in a foreign country. There is no better way to fully explore the city you are in than by using the public transport. Get a map and a bus or tram pass and start exploring the city. Be careful with your belongings, keep an open mind, and enjoy.
  • Eat on places that are recommended to you by real people and try something new. Taste local dishes and beverages. Locals can always recommend a good restaurant or an eatery where you can sample local meals.
  • Another good thing to do is to keep a travel journal where you will record all things from your trip. Things you have seen, places you have been and foods that you have tried. That way you will have a good travel guide if you or some of your closest ones ever visit the country you have been to.
  • Buy a souvenir from another place than the gift shop. Hit some local market and get something that will remind you of the trip.
  • Take part in an organized excursion. No matter which city you are in, go on a day trip and explore the wider area.
  • Check out the different neighborhoods of the city you are visiting. Spend a day dedicated to a thorough exploration of different neighborhoods. You can do this on foot or you can rent a bike for moving faster. Forget the time and explore from morning until the night. You will blend in easily and will feel like a local resident in no time.
  • Check out the nightlife in the place you go. Places always have a different atmosphere at night, so check out local live music bars, discos, romantic cafés or clubs. Dress up and take the most out of the night fun.
  • Forget navigation and get lost in the city you are in. With your smartphone, you can always find your way out, but sometimes it is just nice to forget everything and get lost in local neighborhoods. That way you will get familiar with the surroundings and you may find out different unexpected things that will additionally enrich your travel adventure. Leave your maps and GPS for one day and get lost wherever you are.
  • Set yourself a challenge. Eat and drink something new, see new places, try something you have never done before. Travel adventures are always best when you resist the urge to constantly plan something. Get outside your comfort zone and keep an open mind.

Every trip is a valuable experience and if you do not plan everything you will learn something new about yourself.  Shake things up, mix with locals, go to new places and you will have a truly unique travel experience.


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