Best Snow on Earth: Top 5 Ski Resorts in Utah

Utah has some of the most spectacular skiing sites in the United States. When you’re in the mood for a vacation or a place to sharpen your skills, there are quite a few great resorts to choose from. In addition to skiing and other winter sports, these resorts offer luxurious accommodations and lots of amenities. Here are the top five ski resorts in Utah for your next winter getaway.

Deer Valley

Deer Valley, right next to Park City, is one of the nation’s most luxurious ski resorts. In addition to world-class skiing, it’s a five-star hotel with amenities such as immaculately groomed slopes, valets, gourmet food, and childcare. You can choose among many types of accommodations, such as private homes, condominiums and a variety of lodges.

Deer Valley has a top-rated ski school, making it an appropriate place for beginners as well as seasoned skiers. Also on the premises is Summit Meadows Adventures, which offers 7,000 acres of beautiful terrain for snowmobiling. Aside from winter sports, Deer Valley has a variety of activities throughout the year, including scenic mountain drives, evening concerts, hiking, biking and children’s activities.

Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort is, along with Deer Valley, the leading destination in one of America’s favorite ski towns. It’s also the largest ski resort, with over 7,300 acres of territory for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. You can access the resort’s lift right from Park City’s historic Main Street.

Park City’s Ski and Snowboard School has expert instructors who are eager to assist people of all levels. Park City itself offers a great deal of fun and excitement, with lots of choices for dining and entertainment. Park City Mountain Resort offers many types of lodging to fit all budgets.

Brian Head Resort

Brian Head Resort, open for more than 50 years, is one of Utah’s oldest and most popular ski resorts. It offers 650 acres of terrain for skiing, tubing and other activities. It boasts Utah’s highest base elevation, making it a great destination for skiers looking for a challenge.

Brian Head by Cedar City is situated in a particularly scenic area, in Dixie National Forest and close to some of the state’s famously beautiful red rock national parks. It’s also a premier resort for families, offering a Kids Camp for several age groups. Brian Head offers many affordable packages for all types of visitors. It’s not only a winter destination, either. In summer there’s hiking, mountain biking and lots of special events on weekends.

Sundance Ski Resort

Sundance, located 13 miles from Provo, is now just as famous for its film festival as it is for skiing. The Sundance Film Festival, indeed, is the time of year when the area is most crowded. However, Sundance also has some distinctive appeal for skiers who appreciate beautiful scenery, charming accommodations, and first class service.

Sundance has earned some prestigious awards, such as Powderhounds’ “Best Skiing in the USA,” which is quite a distinction considering the competition. Visitors who appreciate a lively arts scene throughout the year and great bars and restaurants also favor Sundance’s stylish atmosphere.


Snowbird is another of Utah’s outstanding ski resorts. The Snowbird Mountain School offers both private and group lessons for people of all ages and abilities. It’s also one of the best resorts for Snowcat Skiing, a guided backcountry tour conducted on Snowbird’s own trails.

If you visit, make sure you experience the Snowbird Aerial Tram that offers breathtaking scenery at an 11,000-foot summit. Snowbird offers many adventurous summer activities as well, including a climbing wall, alpine slide, a mountain coaster and vertical drop. It’s a full-service resort all year round, with spas, heated pools, and gourmet dining.

If you’re looking for a memorable ski vacation, Utah offers some of the best choices. These resorts are amazing to visit throughout the year. In addition to offering world-class skiing, these resorts are close to lots of other incredible destinations in Utah, such as the state’s unique national parks.


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